March 19th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Fun night

So I had a really good day. It was 60 today! 60! *whooops for spring* I got to wear sandals and get blisters and my day was so cool. So work was good, still have to give the hamster away, but oh well.

Then me and mom went out and had a lot of fun doing nothing, we drove all around over at OSU and stopped at this fish place that makes THE best hush puppies. I'm talkin' to die for. Then we went to the Target by OSU to look for stuff and ended up buying nothing. The Target over there was so clean and orderly, no wonder people call it "Tar-jey". So I really wanted this 'diamond' cross at the jewelry counter, but no dice.

Then we drove around more and ended up at Bob Evans. I had Chocolate Cake ala mode, mom had actual food. After that we went to the deserted grocery store. I got Frappucino!! yay!

The whole night was fun though, because mom and I acted more like friends than mom/daughter. Since there is only two of us, we have a tighter relationship and act more as friends, but tonight it was like more friendship than anything else.

She did pull rank and make me give up the driver's seat after work though.

It was so cool, because I learned that my mom sort of like stalked this guy in middle school (not literally stalked, she thought he was like HAWT though) and then later in college, saw him and wrote him a letter. Thus proving we are more a like than ever.

So here is why:

In 7th grade I fell hopelessly in love with my Language Arts teacher and wrote him an anonymous e-mail love letter. He thought it was a joke and to this day I am mortified that I did it. I wonder if he knows I did it. I even made up a fake-name e-mail address so it would be TOTALLY anonymous.

Last year in the senior yearbook I quoted it for my most embarrassing moment. It was truely... ebarrassing. :)

But then there was that one time in shop class...

Anyway, so it was weird and fun and good.

But now, my superstition kicks in. I can't ever have fun in my life, I always worry that for something good to happen something bad has to balance it. (It's totally weird and paranoid, but totally me) So I'm just gonna pray extra hard tonight that nothing bad happens, and pray I get through the next week, and in college and like it.


P.S. I'm still having doubtful thoughts about Wright State, maybe it's just too small.
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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Wanting stuff...

Does anyone feel bored and want to make me anything? I need an icon that says Emella. I love Dani's icon for me, but I need a still one too. *sigh* Anyone? I would love you forever and be gratefull! :D Please?





p.s. sorry for whining
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Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I had another breakdown today. I'm too stressed and I don't want to go to college, I'm not prepared, meaning I have too much to do and it all just sucks. Life sucks.


I watched part of 'Cool Money' I had to turn it off, it sucked so bad. The only reason I watched as long as I did was because it had James Marsters in it. He looked so old in it :(

*sigh* I hate getting older and what not.

I'm so scared of death and growing old that I'm thinking about death.

*Emily's brain is being dumb*

I am just so tired. Of everything. Of life.
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