March 9th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco

In which I appreciate...part 4


March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.


How do I love thee? Oh let me count the ways...

Anyway, today I'm lovin' witling aka Wiseacress. She is a fantabulous author. I got hooked by reading her Bogelscat Verse and then her Red Right Hand series followed by a little Magic Number. She never has any grammatical issues, which is great, but her characterizations and extremely interesting plot lines will draw you in and keep you. She updates every once in a while but there is a lot of waiting between chapters. Her plots and characterizations are worth the wait and you'll never be dissappointed in her work.

I also have to love her for writing the best Vamp!Xander(red right hand) ever. :D


More tomorrow!
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