February 24th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


Hey, I made some wallpaper for the 'LOST' Charlie episode 'The Moth'. I made it in different fonts and positions, and I have to warn you that I made them for my comp resolution: 1152x864, so it might be a bit big. I made 800x600 versions, and those are labeled accordingly.

If you use 1024x768 (or another smaller than 1152) resolution and you wanna use it, just use the larger one and stretch it to fit. You can use it by right clicking and selecting 'set as background.'

Check it out.
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    'The Moth' by Aimee Mann
Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I need to do some writing.

However, I am feeling extremely lazy and uninspired. I have a half finished NYNY!Verse story to finish and another one floating around in my brain.

I also have stuff to do, cleaning, laundry, packing. *sigh*

I'll probably end up making moods.

*sigh* -again
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    'Chariot' by Gavin Degraw