February 11th, 2005

Supernatural - Castiel fresco


I'm so angry! I'm going to turn green any minute. So my mom has been gone for 2 weeks, so I called her and asked, wanna go out to dinner? she usually says sure! so she's like No. Apparently her job is the best thing in the world. She's been at WORK for TWO WEEKS and she can't even have dinner!

So then I went and picked up some food. She couldn't even help me carry it into the house! AND she never said thank you. So then I came upstairs, and BOTH my lightbulbs burnt out. Then I tripped over my drawer of pens so I'm just beyond sick of this shit. (!)

Oh a happier note, I gave CJ his B-Day present. 25 bucks to KB Toys. I don't think he really knows what that means.

Now, I'm off to eat and get un-pissed.
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