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I am the king of the world! I got my grade changed! He's changing it from a B- to a B+

Dear Mr. D,

I was looking at my grade for Photoshop 2 and I was concerned because I worked really hard this quarter, worked to the best of my ability, and I'm surprised that I recieved such a low grade. I spent countless hours outside of class working on projects and I don't understand how I could have gotten the grade I did. Could possibly please tell me what grades I recieved on each project and how you came up with our final grade. I like using using photoshop and I feel like I know the program pretty well, so I don't understand which projects I could have gotten such a low grade on. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

emily...your website was under par and handed in week 9...that's


I guess I'm just having trouble with this for several reasons. I handed in my website well before week nine, I handed it in the day it was due, but the electronic copy was lost and for some reason you didn't get the paper copy although I have a clear memory of transferring the files and placing the paper copy on the pile. Then when I didn't get the assignment back two weeks later I approached you about it and you said you didn't have it and to re-submit it, so I submitted it that day. I work really hard and I always turn my assignments in on time. I would never have waited two weeks to turn in an assignment, and why would I ask about the assignment if it was just late? I also noticed that each week, when I was turning in other assignments that were due, that the folder containing my website was still in the drop box. I made sure to check the pile of passed back assignments each week for the graded assignment, but I never recieved it, I took this, along with the still present folder to mean that the assignment hadn't been graded yet. Then during week 10 while turning in the final I made sure to check and see if
the folder containing my website was still there and when it wasn't I again checked the pile of graded papers and then asked you about it. So from my perspective I don't understand how I could have gotten such a low grade. Maybe this has to do with my other grades, but the two grades I did receive back I got an A- and a B, so maybe it has to do with my rollovers and my web banners? Could you let me know what those grades are?

Also could you please explain what you mean by under par, was it something in the design or was it a technical issue?

I'm sorry if I am being difficult, but I work really hard to get good grades and I don't understand how I could have gotten a B-.


emily...i checked the dropbox again, finally saw your web files and that they weren't late...sorry 'bout the mixup...i went thru it and overall it's a B, (there were only w pshop files, 3 html pages and one didn't work...needed 5 psd files...)...otherwise, i'll get your grade changed to d


*sighs satisfactorily*
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