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So I sent my teacher an email back, basically telling him what happened from my perspective and wheedling about what grades I got for my other final assignments and what "under par" means. He's a dick, that's all there is to it.

I fucking hate the fact that I feel like I have no say in my grades, like no matter how hard I fight I'll never get that grade changed.

There is another issue I have with the teacher about another grade I recieved. He gave me a B on one of my projects, despite the fact that it took 18 hours to create, meaning I worked really hard and long on it. Another piece to factor in is that I got a B on the assignment and the girl who I half-tutored got an A-. He gave me a couple comments on the project, one being that he couldn't see how I created it due to my merged layers, but the final result was really good. In the real world it won't matter how I did something, just that I did it and I got it done on time. He also never said that it was a requirement to show every single tiny little step we did. He just said to do the project (illustrate an object). He grades us on like 3-5 different components (correct size and resolution; end result; process; did we use applied techniques etc. etc.) and he gave me a B or a B- on how the end result looks and everyone else I talked to said that it looked really good, I can understand if he gave me a B or B- on how I did it because he couldn't see every teen tiny step, but on the over all result?

I dunno, I just think he has it out for me. I don't know if I should approach him about this project as well as my final grade of a B-, but I feel like giving up. If you can't do something perfectly why bother at all. Why work your ass off to do well on a project only to have it turn out to be like a B or a B-. The reality is that I didn't need to take photoshop, I've been working with photoshop and these types of things for 5 or 6 years now and I KNOW how to do this. Why is he giving me crap grades? I'm not cocky I don't pretend like what he teaches us is worthless, I actually learned a couple of techniques on how to do things in this class, but he's grading me harder than the other students in the class. He's giving the people who struggle and do easier projects As and A-s while he's giving me a B-.

I fucking hate this so fucking much.

I'm gonna go do some drinking now I think.
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