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So check it out!

Weird roomate: So I saw your piece in the showcase...
Em: ????
WR: Your graphic Illustration piece.
Em: What do you mean?
WR: Your piece is in the showcase on the fourth floor.
WR: Yeah it's like right outside my english class.
Em: (Thrilled and shocked) omg!

So my last assignment that I turned in for Graphic Illustration was put in one of the fourth floor showcases at my school! That's so cool!!!

I can't wait to check it out tomorrow!

In other news I spent 10 hours at school today, on my day off, working on my final assignment for graphic illustration, and I have to go back to school tomorrow to work with my group for another final project. Hopefully when I leave tomorrow I will be finished for the quarter though.

Oh man that's SO awesome that my piece is in the showcase, that's the first time something of mine has been posted.

The medium is cut paper and we had to convey one of the 7 deadly sins. Mine was wrath if you can't tell. Yes, that is Jack Nicholson from the shining. :)
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