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Moodiness vs. life

I don't know about that subject line, it looks ghey but eh.

So I felt like crappy today and yesterday and I just felt really depressed and bored and isolated and then today was my friend H's birthday so I made her some of my infamous Coffee drink and took it to her for her birthday. I stayed and hung out with 706 for a little while and my mood which was bleak ended up turning around and now I dunno I have all this weird creative energy, or maybe that's just the caffein. Heh.

I've been thinking about life a lot lately, and I've decided I need to make more friends/get out and meet people. I suck at the friend game, and so I'm unsure as to go about this, but I dunno, something needs to change. I need to stop sitting around my apartment being bored. I've been thinking about getting a job, but I KNOW myself. I know that if I get a job I'll keep it for a max of 3 months and then quit it like I quit all jobs. I just can't stand working. I can't stand it. I hate having to curb my schedule around someone else and I just don't have the discipline to do so. Sometimes I wonder about things like this. I mean when God was passing out traits, how come I got stuck with 'No work Ethic' and 'Isn't motivated by money.' Those are like some key things there and I just don't have them.

I really want money, but you have to work for it and I know that I can earn money doing what I like, but life isn't easy and we all have to do crap we don't like. It's just not fair. (In the cosmic sense of I'm a whiny bitch.) But yeah, kind of sick of my life right now. Looking for a change I guess.

I don't know what else to say. I painted my nails today. Toes are red with white polka dots, fingers are purple glittery.
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