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16 Details meme…

I’m starting a meme.

Name 16(cause I’m weird) details of the Buffy verse you love.


1.) The camera Angles in ‘The Body’
2.) Anya mentioning A world without shrimp, and Illyria mentioning a world with nothing but shrimp.
3.) James Marsters british accent
4.) Xander’s I heart dirt shirt from ‘The I in Team’
5.) Vamp!Willow being more pale than regular Willow.
6.) Cecily and Halfrek (same person?)
7.) Buffy’s outfit during Wesley’s first scene with her.
8.) The music(song) from The Gift
9.) Anya turning off the radio in ‘Him’
10.) The bruises on Xander’s neck from ‘Consequences’
11.) Buffy’s Doublemeat Palace hat.
12.) Buffy’s hairstyle during the scene in ‘Wild at Heart’ where Willow is almost run over.
13.) Angelus in leather pants.
14.) Vamp!Xander's necklace -makes me think of him in a choker-
15.) Mr. Gordo
16.) Faith(Buffy) pulling her hair out of her face in the trying-to-convince-Giles-who-I-am scene from ‘Who are you’

Have fun and please pass it along! :D

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