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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Harry Potter - Snape BigDamnHero

omg wtf

I kind of just realized something random and weird.

I base my own version of Severus Snape a little too much on the character Jaffar from 'Aladdin.' Not completely mind you, but still...

...How effing weird is that?


That...is quite odd. o_o And yet also amusing! Hahaha
I know! And it's not like he's the exact same character or anything, but there are similar traits.

Do you happen to remember(this will forever stand out in my mind) a conversation we had a long ass time ago about Severus? I was reading the books for the first time(Book 3 or 4 in particular) and we were having a discussion about his looks and I mentioned his goatee. You corrected me that he didn't have any such thing and I was like buh buh! but the picture version of him has one! (a chapter illustration in book 3) And I don't really know what happened after that, but my view of Severus was forever changed.

THAT version of Snape was the jaffar in my head. That version does pop up every once in a while, particularly when Severus is being a mean old bastard. Heh.

Anywho, just a bit of nestalgia that I was thinking about recently and seemed prudent to this random realization I made.
I do have a vague recollection of that! XD Man, we go waaay back don't we. Heee. And I imagine Snape would look quite snazzy with a lil' beard. Especially if he washed his hair. Meheheh.
Hee! Yep, all the way from popslash to HP to omg everything else. Heh.

Snape with a beard would be interesting, I can kind of picture him, if he were younger with one.

Is it weird that in HP canon most everyone either has no beard or a huge long or bush one? I can't really think of anyone with some scruff or just a small beard...
Hmm, maybe Sirius? I'd imagine he was rather scruffy when he escaped from Azkaban.
Yeah, true, but other than him it is rather limited. I did remember that I think Karkaroff had a small beard, but out of all the wizards in the books, only those two men? It seems interestingly odd. :P
Definitely. I smell CONSPIRACY O.O
It's probably the whole sssssssssnake thing! Actually, I'm surprised this never occurred to me before! :)
LOL I'd actually forgotten about that part of the movie LOL but it's an interesting thought. :P