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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Goodbye Harry Potter (No Spoilers)

I sit before an innocuous looking book. It is thick and hardbacked with an orange dust jacket. This one book will make or break millions of people.

It is 12:15 am on July 22nd 2007 and Millions of Harry Potter fans have had this book for one day. I have not yet opened the book. I have just finished re-reading the sixth book, and I sit in awe and fear of this one, small, brand new book.

How is it that a book can give someone such hesitation? How is it that with the end of one monumentous novel, the beginning of another feels hopeless and depressing?

I have my suspicions on the end of Deathly Hallows, I truly suspect a wizard will die at the fate of curtains, but that is neither here nor there. Once I open this one singular book I will be forever changed as a fan and a person. The end of this book has been in the process for seventeen years and now it is at my fingertips. I'm sure J K Rowling never imagined people like me would sit here and type up silly thoughts like this. I feel it is nessecary however to cataloge my thoughts before I embark upon Harry Potter's final adventure.

When I picked up the first two Harry Potter paperbacks I never imagined I would be sucked in. One night was all it took me to devour the first novel and start my life long love affair of a teenaged wizard. As I consumed the other three books (only four had been produced at the time) I fell in love with a character.

No one except a fan knows what it is like to fall so completely and hopelessly in love with an idea. No one except a fan knows what it is like to wait in line until midnight to buy a book or see a movie. No one but a fan knows what it is like to sit before a simple, thick, hardbacked book and prattle on about being a fan. No one but a fan understands how important it is to be a fan.

Harry Potter is an idea, a world, a character, a hero, and a hope to millions upon millions of people. Harry Potter is ending today as I read the last of his pages, and, as I suspect he dies so does the last of my innocence of being a Harry Potter fan-this innocence of not knowing what will happen and how this journey ends.

This is my goodbye to my innocence and my hope for Harry. This is my goodbye to the wizards and the witches. This is my goodbye to Hogwarts and it's students.

This is my goodbye to a boy with messy black hair and bright green eyes.


Read the series now. If you don't read this book series you will have missed out on something... magical.