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Ok, here is some cheesy Spander poetry. At least it seems cheesy to me.

See what you think, tell me what you think it means, I'll let you know later. :)

Feel free to tell me it sucks.

I walk beneath my lover’s land
On the Sea and above his hand

I speak to you but you don’t hear,
You won’t love back, you won’t appear

I dread the dreams of light and pain
Your arms around me feel of rain

I sleep like dead, rejected still
I cry upon my window sill

No reflection to your face
No reflection of your soul
No warm embrace

No kisses beneath the stars
Our hearts our minds are never ours

Fate designed to keep a balance
Loving you creates no malice

I cannot speak to your heart
The beating blood is sweet, not tart

We walk a line not to be crossed
Keeping distance, feeling lost

I wait for loves true kiss to come
I’ll wait forever and face the sun

You’ll never say the words I yearn
This shouldn’t happen
Why can’t I learn?

My heart has fallen beneath the sea
Beneath the land, Locked without key

I bottle it up, keep it hidden
No one must know
My thoughts are forbidden

You don’t notice me
You never will
My unrequited
Unconquered still

Our paths do cross, one last time
My heart still aches, you’re never mine

A last goodbye I never confess
You’re gone, forever.
My soul, a mess.


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