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Harry Potter

As a fan of Harry Potter I have something to say.

I love this book series. I love Harry and Hermione and Ron and Snape and Dumbledore and Hagrid and Hedwig and the Dursleys and Voldemort. I love these pieces of literature more than I ever thought possible.

I just wanted to let you all know this, because if you are a Potter fan like me, we should rejoice as well as be sad, for the end is near.

In three days there will never not be a time when we didn't know how it would end. Forever more we will never not know what happens to Harry. Potter fans across the world will join together and read the best selling book of all time and JK Rowling will become the richest person in the universe... not just the world.

As fans we love these characters, we love this story, and we've loved the anticipation. In a little under 26 hours Harry Potter will be unleashed and the world will never be the same.

As a member of this fandom and as a fan of JKR and HP I solute this end, for it can only become the beginning as one of the greatest books in history, and we will forever be a part of that.

So I ask you, solute JKR, solute Harry Potter, and solute yourself, because we are the fans that are responsible for making what we love a part of history.

Fandom I solute you.
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