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TV Fandom Meme!

TV Fandom Q & A meme:

Pick up to three of your fandoms and answer these 10 questions for each fandom.

Fandom #1: Supernatural
Fandom #2: Stargate Atlantis
Fandom #3: Buffy/Angel

Question #1: What are your OTPs for each fandom? Why?
#1: Sam/Dean of course, they're like the only two people on the show plus they're hot.
#2: Probably Rodney/John because it's cliche and I like both characters
#3: OT3 Spike/Xander/Angel because OT3s are better and I ♥ all of these characters so much.

Question #2: Who is your single most favorite character?
#1: Dean Winchester
#2: John Sheppard followed closely by Carson Beckett and then Rodney McKay
#3: Ohh hard one, Spike or Angel.

Question #3: Pick a theme song for either your favorite character or your OTP, what is it?
#1: Sam/Dean song is 'I Will Follow You Into the Dark' by Death Cab For Cutie
#2: Carson song is 'Shadow of the Day' by Linkin' Park.
#3: Angel's Song is 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Greenday

Question #4: Favorite Episode?
#1: All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2
#2: The Tao of Rodney perhaps.
#3: Ats: Destiny probably, or Buffy: Chosen.

Question #5: Who has been your favorite guest star?
#1: Can I say Jeffery Dean Morgan?
#2: Richard Dean Anderson *cough*MacGuyver*cough*
#3: If I can't say Seth Green I'll go with Tom Link.

Question #6: Favorite or least favorite Villain/Baddie/Mean character?
#1: I hated the Wendigo and the monster car/truck thing.
#2: The Wraith are pretty damn cool.
#3: I hated Glory, I really liked the whole Wolfram & Heart continuing villain thing though.

Question #7: If you could cross any of these shows with any of your other fandoms, which ones and why?
#1: Oh man I'd probably cross SPN with Buffy simply for the lore and the awesomness of Dean/Spike/Sam.
#2: Firefly meets SGA. I could TOTALLY see it. Like a parallel universe thing. Ohhh man it would be gloriously sci-fi. Simon and Carson discussing medicine and Jayne talking guns with Sheppard and then annoying the crap out of McKay. River magically communing with the Ancient tech on Atlantis while Kaylee drools over the marines. Inara taking tea with Teyla and "meditating" together. Wash would learn to fly one of the jumpers and they would all go on missions searching for ZedPMs while Rodney bitches about River touching stuff and Jayne glares at him and Simon is the team mission medical staff guy and OMG SOMEONE WRITE THIS NOW.
#3: Buffy crossed with Heroes maybe? or Doctor Who? Oh man the possibilities of crossing Buffy with anyone is obvious.

Question #8: If you could write any fic slash, het, gen, anything, what is that ONE story you would write?
#1: The Sam/Dean epic story that goes on forever and is like 90 billion chapters long that deals with every variety of crack!fic all the while making sense to a long story arc and keeping everyone entertained.
#2: Hmm, perhaps a workable Mpreg that isn't weird or an 'Aliens turned them into this' type of fic. Not sure here.
#3: The ultimate Vamp!Xander/Spike/Angel story or something along those lines.

Question #9: What is your biggest meta-drama-wank issue?
#1: I don't actually have one, I'm pretty good with this fandom.
#3: I would have loved to see the end of Angel, but oh well.

Question #10: If you could have your show extended for another five seasons, what would be some things you want to see?
#1: Body Swapping, gender swapping... just more general crackiness.
#2: I have no idea, maybe a lot more crackiness, Wraith!plot, parallel universes, some romance?
#3: Ats would be resolved with Illyria, Spike, and Angel living. Buffy finds out about all of this and somehow comes to save the day. They fight to save the world more. Angel earns his redemption at the final final season finale, he and Buffy are reunited (because I'm cheesy) and possibly riding off into the sunset.
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