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Semi Random Potterness

Okay, so I watched HP3 tonight. I ♥ that movie.

Think about this, in 6th months the Harry Potter series will be complete.


We will never again wonder how it will end.

1.) Harry will win and live.
2.) Ginny is not mean, just naive and stupid and perfectly... mary-sueish. Thus perfect for Harry.
3.) Sirius is straight but he once drunkenly made out with Remus.
4.) Remus is bi, but more gay than straight and he'd been in love with Sirius since they were 15.
5.) In his heart of hearts Remus never believed that Sirius did it.
6.) When becoming Animagi the marauders spent a ridiculous amount of time in the library. Sirius - scoping out girls, James - reading comics, doodling, and looking at all the pictures in the books(not because he's stupid but because they were far more interesting.), Peter eating and finishing homework, and Remus was actually researching. James and Sirius were smart, loyal, and determined, but Remus was good with grunt work.
7.) Sirius once had to shave his pubes because of fleas.
8.) Lily was to Remus as Sirius was to James.
9.) Lily is a lot like Hermione, she is scholarly and moral, but not as bossy. She does her required work and a bit more, but she doesn't research for fun. She has some similarities with Ginny, but she's more Hermione than Ginny.
10.) Lily was the prettiest girl in the school. That is why people know her eye color and her looks so well.
11.) James' family were rich, like uber rich and James was an only child.
12.) James mellowed out around 6th year, after his father died.
13.) James and Lily began dating during their 7th year and were married a year after graduation.
14.) Severus Snape was very socially awkward as a teen.
15.) Severus joined the death eaters when Malfoy - 3 years older convinced him to join.
16.) Severus was academically the brightest student in his year, and the four years older than him.
17.) Severus did all of Malfoy's potions homework for him... voluntarily.
18.) Severus had a crush on Lily for the last four years of his schooling. He tried to be less slytherin for her a few times. Her final rejection of him late in their sixth year was one of the contributions to his becoming a death eater.
19.) Dumbledore knew Severus was a death eater the moment he stepped foot in hogwarts during his 7th year.
20.) James' mother died a year before Harry was born. Lily's father died the same year and her mother died 6 months before James and Lily.
21.) Petunia doesn't hate her sister, she is jealous more than anything.
22.) Vernon and Petunia tried to have a baby for 6 years before they finally got Dudley - thus they worship and spoil him.
23.) Harry wasn't beaten as a child, but he did get a slap a few times for really bad things. He wasn't hit more than 10 times in his entire life.
24.) Harry wasn't a slave, he was just expected to do all of his chores, Dudleys, and Petunia's anytime that Petunia was having a particularly bad day.
25.) The wizarding community is 33% of the total earth population.
26.) Hogwarts is the best wizarding school in the world.
26.5) Ron will be named head boy, Hermione head girl.
27.) Severus Snape is the 3rd most skilled potions master in the world.
27.5) Severus doesn't hate Harry, he hates Harry's father and hates Lily's rejection and he just can't look past the bullying and the rejection.
28.) Dumbledore knows his school better than Vernon Dursley knows himself.
29.) Dumbledore knew he was going to die a little under a year before he died.
30.) Severus will redeem himself and will die in doing so.
31.) After the final battle there will be casualties but life will go on and in the end people will raise their glasses and say, "To Harry Potter - The Boy Who Lived."

I can't wait for the fifth movie. heh. That's about it. :)
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