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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

What the hell

What the hell was that?!?

Meredith and Derrick - WTF?! I get that he's all and she's nothing, but it just sucks that she made the decision to dump him so casually. Meredith is annoyingly ghey.

Christina and Burke - Um no. That was not cool. I liked the twist that it was Burke saying no, but they've been saying all season how this is just Christina, this is just how she is, and now they're gonna make it that she's not like that, that she's been putting off everything because she isn't like that? The writers are stupid.

Callie - NO YOU ARE NOT CHIEF RESIDENT! Baby!?! WTF?! I have barely accepted you as George's wife, let alone his baby's momma.

George - That was a HUGE shock, I thought someone might fail but I never expected George. In the back of my mind I always saw George as the character who grows a backbone throughout the series and becomes the future future chief. I could see George, after 20 years being a GREAT chief. Now he has to do it again. HE HAS TO. SHUT UP WRITERS, I KNOW YOU WILL TRY AND MAKE HIM NORMAL BUT HE IS A SURGEON DAMMIT!

Izzie - What the hell are you doing? He already chose Callie! I know you need to tell him you love him, but COME ON. I want you two to be together but BAH ENOUGH!

Alex - You know you love Ava, you shouldn't have let her get away.

Addison - I liked you, I really did, but now that you are leaving you suck. Your new series is stupid and all too new-age yuppyish.

Bailey - What the hell happened here? I totally expected the chief to name Bailey as his replacement as a twist when she didn't get chief resident. I don't understand why she didn't get it now.

Derrick - You don't deserve chief.

Burke - I could have seen you as chief, but the Chief made some good arguments as to why you shouldn't be. You suck for leaving.

Chief - What the hell is wrong with you? Retire and go adopt a kid with your wife. Put Bailey in charge. DO IT NOW!

Overall the episode wasn't nearly as good as I would have hoped. The only somewhat shocking parts were George failing his exams, Bailey not making CR, and Meredith's sister showing up. And those were mediocre. I liked that there was really only one cliff hanger - George. I mean I want to know why Bailey didn't make CR, but I can wait. And I KNOW that the writers are going to make George be normal for a while. I think that this is the one that might get written out of the show, but somehow I doubt it.

I'm starting to think that Grey's Anatomy has no new plot lines. I think they just have to re-circulate everything pretty much. I mean the whole George/Izzie/Callie thing is just like the Addison/Derrick/Meredith thing. The George failing his exams thing is Karev failing his practical. Karev falling for Ava is a VERY less dramatized and less awesome version of Izzie/Denny. Even Merdith and Derrick are back to where they started mid-season 2, accept its Meredith in the driver's seat.

This show has the potential to be awesome, but right now it's luke warm going cold.


Bailey was mommy-tracked. Shonda said on the writer's block that the Chief chose Callie over Bailey because he thought Bailey should spend more time with her family. Because it makes total sense not to choose the best person for the job! *is disgusted*
writer's block LOL. Ahhhahaha. I meant BLOG.

My brain ftw!
I so agree with you, I didn't really like this finale...
I hope there isn't going to be another McDreamy/Grey sisters triangle and Derek should not mess with Mer's sister.
George..*huh* and he was casual about it.