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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

A Note

This is a note about my journal. Currently I now have RL friends on my Flist and this is more a note to them than anyone else.

My journal has always been a place for me to vent and talk about how I'm feeling. It's a place for me to phrase out what I'm thinking without judgement and without people thinking I'm like insane or retarded. This journal is pretty private as well. If I know you in RL and I allow you to read this, you should feel lucky, because I don't even let my mom read this.

Anywho, I just wanted to tell you what I think of my journal and I'm just asking you to respect it and keep it semi-private. I don't care if people comment, I actually like it, to hear everyone's opinions, but anyway, I just wanted to let you know.


haha, kinda random, but no problem fool
Hi there, I was just wondering if there's another location where I can download the Brokeback Mountain layout from your cherry-sin LJ? The info is currently here: http://cherry-sin.livejournal.com/7600.html, but the zip doesn't work. Help?
That is exactly how I feel about my journal, including the worry about judgement part. Which is why there is so much pointless rambling on mine....oh well :)
hey i was just browsing lj, and i came across you...i hope you dont mind if i add you
No, that's fine. :D Welcome.
I'm sorry to mis-use th ecomments page to send you an email, but I couldn't find another way sorry.

I am adding the tag story Ark which you participated in to my site Spander Files and although most of the authors are already on my author list so I have their permission to collect their stories, you are new to me.

May I have your permission to add this story please, and also if you have other Spander stories I would love to add them to my site as well, please. I am always looking for new authors.

Sure, feel free to add me. :) I have a bunch of spander fics listed here on my ficlist page. Feel free to link to those spander fics or you can re-post them if you want.

Thanks for letting me know/asking me, I appreciate the courtesy. :D
Thank you very much. I look forward to collecting new stories and appreciate having permission to roam

Quick question about your icon...

Your default icon, with Sam and Dean in the blueish haze... is there a larger version of that picture? I have a friend who stumbled across the icon and is having convulsions trying to find a bigger image. I told him that you probably just manipulated two separate images to get the guys to hug, but... he's difficult. And sort of dumb, but he's not entirely unfortunate to look at, so I keep him around. :-P


Re: Quick question about your icon...

LOL yeah, it is a manip I made. It's posted right here: http://emella.livejournal.com/176334.html

Hope that helps. ;D
So I saw your default icon and I followed it over to your LJ.
That manip is so clever! *is an awe of your mad skillz*
And you love basically all the shows I love!
*high fives you*
So, I'm gunna add you, hope that's okay! I'd love it if you added me back!(I totally have an asshat teacher problem too - we can rant together!)
And your vid was really great! (I'm working on one at the moment, but my vidding muse has deserted me... )
And I hope it's okay, I posted a link to that manip on my LJ, I want people to see it and give you the credit you deserve!

Hope that teacher backs off!
That's cool! I checked out your journal and I'm friendin' ya back. :D

Icon credit

Hi there. I'd like to take the Buffy congrats one. Do I credit cherry sin or would you like another name?
And well....thanks!

Re: Icon credit

please credit cherry_sin :) thanks!