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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Dean Smash Car


Okay, it's been a while since I've posted, so here goes.

-I got a 3.9 GPA (Straight A's) for last quarter.
-I got drunk twice, one of which was the other night at a house party.
-I've been invited to two parties.
-I've smoked weed twice. The first time I had a bad high because I cried SO hard when my friend Ashley was a little pissed at me. The second time I didn't really get all that buzzed. Except for that I was drunk at the time.
-I played Beer pong for the first time and won my first game.
-I have a HUGE crush on this guy who was at the party with me, so bad that at one point I swear we were both thinking about kissing. But knowing me it was just me.
-I got a card from Lorraine (lunabee34) for Xmas. Thanks honey! :D I got it when I came back to school. :P
-One of my friends told me that she can hear people's thoughts and I'm seriously questioning her sanity.
-There have been several times when I've been DESPERATE to get a boyfriend.
-I'm questioning other areas of myself. Like maybe I dunno, I'm scared to even post it, but I thinking I might be bi... I dunno. It's weird.
-I got all freaked out because I thought all my friends would be moving out of student housing when our leases were up and leaving me behind. I guess I just have major abandonment issues.
-My dad got in contact with me via email and I responded. He has yet to respond back. I'm worried because this was almost a month ago.
-I friended my half brother, whom I've never met, on myspace. He friended me back although I'm not sure he knows who I am.
-My friend Ben invited me to move in with him when our leases are up.
-I seriously love Supernatural, as always. It pwns the world.

It's been a pretty eventful month I would say.


OMGSHELIIIIIVES! *glomps* I've missed you, sweetie! Heh, you have had a busy month. wow. *pets*
Hehe! Yes, I am alive, just very very busy as you can see. :D
Sounds like you have a very full year. I'm so glad you got the card. :)

I watched Supernatural for the first time this week. OMG I think I am totally hooked!

What's making you question your sexuality? Did you meet a girl you like?