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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Firefly - Jayne Whip it out


What constitutes crack fic?

Is it just random stories that are bizzare to the point of being AU? Or is it when you're reading a story and you have the reaction of 'OH hell naw! This would never happen!' But then instead of leaving it and trying to find a new story you do the shifty eyed routine and continue reading? I always feel weirdly guilty reading crap that I know could never concievably happen EVER.


I don't know if you're a member or not, but I'd like to point you towards winchesterwarts. THAT...is crack fic. THE CRAZIEST AND BEST KIND OF CRACK FIC. And no...I am not ashamed that I read crack fic of that caliber. Hee...caliber. It's funny because it relates to guns. Which are featured on Supernatural. x]

[/massive dork]
To me, part of the immense fun of crack-fic is the *knowledge* that this could never happen. Which -- okay, with SPN, that doesn't leave a lot out, because there are always handy curses and stuff that make potentially feasible all sorts of impossible scenarios, really.

The thing about crack-fic, though, that is REALLY key is the gotta-read-more factor. It isn't just a seriously weird and/or highly unlikely element; it's the fact that you can't stop reading it anyway. So, like, I know my story that crosses over CSI and HP is a crack-fic *idea*, but what I think made it really crackish was -- I guess -- the readability factor. It's not enough to have an idea on crack, you gotta make the reader BE ON CRACK TOO.

If that makes a lick of sense. Haven't had enough coffee probably. *g* I adore crack-fic ideas and writing for a lot of reasons -- partly because sometimes you have to be HIGHLY creative to make something like that work, partly because it makes me smile. CSI/HP is so insane it makes me smile. Dean as an instant feral seven-year-old makes me smile. (And also "d'awwww" like a crazy thing.) Winchesters as Mr-and-Mrs-Smith-esque brothers keeping the same secret from each other makes me giggle like a loon.

I guess that's another element, to me -- I think real crack-fic needs to have some kind of shade of humor, or illicit glee to it. I do think there can be dark crack-fic, but I'm not entirely sure I'd then think of it as REAL crack-fic -- crack is gleeful, you know? At least the premise is.

One more thing -- to make it work, I think, the author has to take it seriously enough to create continuity within the crackverse. Like, hmm, more serious crackfic -- well, hell, I'm one of the nutty people who likes to write crack-fic, so -- crossover between CSI and X-Men. It's crack, I think, because it does fit that one criterion -- it won't happen. They're in two entirely separate universes. But if you consider it seriously, meld the two universes even though that's not only unlikely but pretty much impossible -- THEN I took it seriously, or tried to, and had immense fun shaping a world where Gil Grissom & Co had to deal with the reality of mutants, including one of his own team who had mutant powers. *shrug*

Hmmm. I dunno, but I guess to me the idea is crack, but that idea has to be fun or crazy enough, interesting enough? well-written enough? to compel that crack-*reading* experience.