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Uber Premiere

My thoughts on the premiers:

-Poor Clark, the desert is a bitch.
-Wow who's the chick in the turban?
-LOL Kristen's acting is just as bad as ever. Hee.
-Mikey is a great villain, how I always forget...
-OMG! So of course they crash land at the fortress of solitude...
-Wow, I didn't know Jimmy had X-men powers!
-Wow Lana is a skank.
-Okay, when he broke the knife blade I totally flashed on Lord of the Rings when Sauron broke Narsil. LOL Where's Isildur when you need him?
-Ahaha Dirty Bum Fight!!


-Oh of course Lana passes out.
-Of course Kal-El will win, He's Superman
-LMAO Clark is just going to kick your ass
-Omg how cheesy, Lois remembering the fortress.
-Hee hands!
-Oh I so want Chloe and Clark to hook up.
-OOOoooooh! Burn! 'A friend'
-Poor Clark, dropped like a sack of potatos
-Dear lord Tommy is beautiful
-Oh great, now Lex is going to search for the other half of the purple thing.

Overall it was a good cheesy episode that was a little cheap. Not digging the Jimmy/Chloe vibe but I do like Jimmy. Zod just getting killed off was cheap. Eh we'll see what happens.

-Sam! Dean! John!
-Poor Dean, he looks so beautifuly injured
-Aww ghosty Dean freaking out
-Oooh Love the new opening title, so pretty with the fire.
-Poor Dean he's so beautiful when he's worried.
-Poor Sam.
-Sam looks good all cut up.
-OH SNAP! GO SAM! Bitch out dad!
-10 Bucks says Dad knows everything.
-Of course he's going to do somehing
-I love this episode SO much.
-OMG YAY! Sam!
-Way to go Sam!
-There you go Dean still trying to break up the fights.
-OMG the look on Sam's face.
-Yes! Sam can you feel/hear Dean? I know you can.
-Tessa sucks. Mary Sue material all the way
-Ohh Dean, of course Sam wouldn't give up on you.
-Noooo! You can't take him biotch!
-Oh Sammy don't cry for Dean, he can't die.
-Oh god Dean needs to cry now, he sooo doesn't want to die.
-Oh Daddy, what do you know about Sammy? TELL US!!!
-You totally know Dean would have chosen death, just so Sam wouldn't have to suffer and/or kill him. Poor Dean.
-The speech John gave, omg. That's all I can say. OMG.Justification.
-I knew Dad would die. I knew it.
-I soooo want to know what John said to Dean. OMG WANT TO KNOW NOW! Damn you Kripke!

Next Thursday looks good.

Overall I really love this episode because it really justifies Dean. It 's almost like Kripke was showing all the normal watchers, that YES Dean is just as important as Sam. Oh poor Dean. I don't even know what to say about it. I can't wait for Thursday.

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