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I got a job! Yay! I'l be working at the Children's Museum here in Pittsburgh. I was so happy when the lady called and offered me the job. The pay kind of sucks, but it's SOOOOO freaking convienient. The museum is like right next door. Literally. I'll be getting 5.50 and hour. For like 20 hours a week.

Anywho. Today has been severely sucky, minus the job. Last night my friends and I threw our friend Tiffany a surprise birthday party. It was AWESOME. There was like 22 people plus our RA crammed into this tiny 16x16 room. She turned 20. :) I didn't have any money so I made her a few friendship bracelets. Eh not a great gift but oh well.

I got two of my mid-term grades back, I got a B in Fundamentals, but I should have gotten an A- (my teacher is weird and didn't give anyone an A). And in Drawing I got an A (100%). I'm in comp literacy right now so I might be getting that grade soon. Oh well time to start class.

Talk to you all later. :)

P.S. Grades are in: Comp Lit: B, Drawing: A, Fundamentals of Design: B, Perspective: A, Color Theory: B+

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