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Okay, so I'm very very tired so I'll try to keep this short.

Thursday (07/06/06):
Moved in, met the roomates, got my schedule and supply kit, set up some stuff in the dorm. Found out I didn't have internet.

My dorm is basically a one bedroom apartment. There is a good sized living room, small bedroom that I have to share with my two roomates, good sized bathroom, walk-in closet, HUGE linen closet, dining room, galley kitchen, balcony, and a small entrance way. It's also been renovated with new carpet and fixtures, and new tile work in the bathroom.

Went to Orientation via the school trolley, then walked down to AIP (The Art Institute of Pittsburgh). We had a meeting within our major and then we were free to take care of other stuff such as finances and schedule pick up. I met with my advisor and switched a couple of my classes around. Mom and I also went shopping for last minute items and had lunch.

Mom and I rode the bus downtown and went to Starbucks. We walked around and then came back to the dorm. We then went grocery shopping before we had cold leftovers and found out that my microwave was bad. (Yes my roomates and I have no microwave). Then Mom headed home.

Went to dorm cook-out, met some girls, met the R.A.'s. I went walking with the girls I met before coming back and vegging until bed.

Monday: Had one class, Video I. The proffessor talked FOREVER about himself and about 1 1/2 hours were taken up with actual class work stuff (The class is four hours long). Afterwards I came back to the dorm and almost had a panic attack because my class seemed so technical and boring and not at all what I wanted.

Went to my Drawing and Perspective class, spent an hour in my first real art class and felt so much happiness in just doing art that I decided to consider changing my major. After the first hour and a half I decided I would talk to my advisor about info on Graphic Design. After class I went to my advisor and asked her about it, she asked me how sure I was of switching, I said 'pretty sure' but I wasn't positive. She basically changed 4 out of my 6 classes and changed my major for me-I didn't stop her.

Then I had to get my new schedule and deal with financing before I went to my first new class, Fundamentals of Design. The teacher was scary at first, but it's okay.

Got the internet fixed. Went to my Drawing class and drew contours, had fun. I traded in some of my Video Production books for Graphic Design stuff. Had to lug like 80 lbs of notebooks and awkward shaped supplies around. I then had my computer literacy class which was boring as fuck. Yes that boring. Then I came back to my dorm and ate dinner.

So here is my schedule of classes for the week:

Monday - off
Tuesday - Fundamentals of Design 6pm-10pm
Wednesday - Drawing 1pm-5, Comp Literacy 6pm-10
Thursday - Freshman Studies 8am-12, Perspective 1pm-5
Friday - Color Theory 1pm-5
Saturday - off
Sunday - off

So yep, my schedule. :D

I'm hoping to get around to comments this weekend, but I'm not sure if I will, right now I'm pooped and off to bed. TTYL guys. :D
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