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Support Cervical Cancer Awareness, General, & RECS

Got this email from my cousin:

Spread the word!!! Go to this link and order your FREE bracelet costs you nothing. You don't even pay postage!

For every two that are ordered, Merck Pharmaceuticals donates $1 for cervical cancer research! If you don't have time to order the kit, please take the time to tell family and friends so they may order their FREE bracelet kit!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!

And now:

Smallville Fic:
A Shiver In Autumn by estrella30 (R)
This is Clex and it's really haunting... in the literal sense. It's sort of dreamy and sad but you can kind of almost see it happening if AU was true.
"Ten years after meteors hit Smallville for the second time, Clark is standing in the street watching Chloe report live from an apartment fire in Metropolis. The air is cool and smoke curls out of the broken windows and from the top of the building before disappearing into the sky."

X-Men Fic:
Feathers by inlovewithnight (Unrated/PG maybe)
This is great, kind of sad and beautiful. It's about Scott(Cyclops) & Warren(Angel) and they have a nice kind of insightful conversation. A good, almost poetic ficlet.
"For the past three days, it had rained, and Anna hadn't let Warren go to the park at all. On nice days, if she was in a good mood, she'd sometimes bring him to the park twice, morning and afternoon, and three days of being shut up in the apartment had been so boring he couldn't stand it."

Temporary by penknife (Unrated)
X3 Five things story. Five things ways Rogue finds out nothing's permanent. This rocks like a rocking thing. I especially love the last one. Good fic.
"It comes back as an itching in her palms, a tingle in her fingertips; she reaches out to touch the back of Bobby's neck and then draws back, feeling the old familiar tug in the pit of her stomach."

Sam & Dean SPN fic:
Interesting Times by apocalypsos (R)
Oh man, I love this. I love everything by apocalypsos, but this is amazingly awesome. Dean wakes up one morning with a different version of Sam and then starts to wake up every morning with a different Sam.
"Sam's hands tremble in a way that makes the barrel hogging Dean's line of sight dance in an ominous bob. He doesn't hold the gun like someone who's been trained within an inch of his life to handle one. The part of Dean's brain that's not still groggy with sleep and clouded with confusion thinks of someone who has suddenly been confronted with a housecat after only seeing pictures of them in books and isn't sure which end to pet."

100% Carnauba by kbk (R)
This is really really hot. It's Dean/Car but no, not Dean with the tailpipe. LOL It's really really hot and good and anyone who likes car!porn will like this. :)
"Dean gave it serious thought, but in the end, he didn't take his car into the cheerleaders-fundraising-bikini-clad-carwash because a) they were all jailbait and he's been trying to avoid temptation ever since that chick in Arizona who was absolutely totally legal right up until her sixteen-year-old big brother found her with Dean's hand up her skirt, and b) he didn't trust girls like them to treat his baby right - for all he knew, they might be using dish detergent."

Reality by trolllogicfics (PG)
A short ficlet about Dean, his life and everything he's done. Awesome.
"They pick up his certificate of death out of curiosity more than anything and spend that night at a bar. Sam starts to laugh at the absurdity of it all. He just stares at the paper and when he’s feeling sober again, he burns it."

Daytime TV by poisontaster (Unrated/PG)
poisontaster (and mona1347!) own my soul. This fic is great as usual, it's a cute little ficlet, Dean is injured and watches TV. :)
"Dean shifted on the bed tiredly…and then stopped abruptly as the gesture jarred up his broken leg all the way into his hip like all the marrow had been replaced with powdered glass. It wasn't supposed to be like this."

With A Poodle Under One Arm, And A Two-Foot Salami Under The Other by apocalypsos (NC-17)
Sam/Dean/OFC - HAWTEST THING EVER! Bodyswapping, but not in the way that you think. Two guys and a girl and mmmm the girl has a party trick.
"Sam wasn't even going to go, all right. He was just going to stay at the goddamn bar and nurse a beer and wait the appropriate amount of time for Dean to get what he wanted before going back to the motel room. But then this girl crawls into Dean's lap, and she says something like, "Hi, I'm Viola, and now that we've been properly introduced --" and then she just shoves her tongue down Dean's throat."

red in tooth and claw by cathybites (R)
God, this is so poetic and wonderful. Very beautiful. I love the imagery and the running hunter theme. It's sort of an insight into Sam and it's just awesome. Little snippets of Sam's life and the things around him.
"Dean's always bruised easily, Sam thinks as he reaches over, fingers tracing the mark on Dean's neck, shock of purple against his throat. Dean draws in a breath, sharp and harsh, and the sound twists Sam up inside, like a punch."

First Time Over Your Head by annalazarus (Unrated/Porn)
Jared/Jensen/Sandy. Sequel to A Lot Like Swimming. This is so fucking hot you'll just burst into flame. Like omg really really really hot.
"Oh, Jensen. Sandy sometimes loves that boys are so easy. Then again, so is she. One glance and she wants his hands on her, wants to get him hard and make him moan. She pulls off her t-shirt and bounces a little as she walks over to him. “Go ahead,” she says pressing her hips to his."

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crushing on a Douche by ladyjaida (Unrated/Adult)
Funny, and hot and entertaining. Jared seems to fall for guys who are douches. CMM warning. Heh. This is great though, love it. :)
"Jared thinks it’s hilarious that Jensen used to be on Days of Our Lives, which his mom watches for Christ’s sake. He thinks it’s hilarious that Jensen was in some indie flick with a giant dancing banana, with midgets dressed like testicles."

Three for the Road by sunniefic (NC-17)
Jared/Jensen/Chad. This is so great, it's just like UBERHot and sexy and GUH! Jensen's P.O.V.
"You don't like Chad. Chad of the three names. You really can't understand why Jared thinks he's so great. He's arrogant, loud, rude to women, cocky as hell, and any guy that would divorce Sophia Bush must need his head examined. The fact that Jared thinks Chad is so fucking great only makes you dislike him even more."

Some things:

Tonight Mom and I went out to dinner at this place called Mi Mexico which serves like mostly authentic mexican food. Had yummy enchiladas. We also stopped at this home store and bought me a lamp, some slippers, and some shoes. The lamp is cool, the base is like these clear stacked orbs and the shade is lavender. :) After all that we stopped at blockbuster and I picked up Memoirs of a Geisha (I need to finish the book tonight or tomorrow), The Postman(mainly for my mom), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind which I haven't seen. Hopefully it will be good.

Okay and now I must be off for I really need to get some reading done and then sleep.

Later! :D
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