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Okay, so yesterday mom and I went out garage saleing again. It was okay, I found sun glasses and a desk. The desk was in a dorm down in Ohio University, so it's small and good for a dorm. The drawers are in an awkward spot so we might take them off, dunno yet.

After that we got ready and went to my cousin's graduation party. She's just gotten her Bachelors in Education. She's going for her Masters and will hopefully get it in the next year or so. The party was okay, it was held at my cousin's fiance's parents house. BTW my cousin who graduated, Janet, has been engaged for a while but she just got her engagement ring, which she designed, like three days ago. It's really pretty. Heh. She'll be getting married next september, after she's graduated with her Masters degree. She wants to be an english teacher.

After the party (in which I had to endure silent dissaproval from my aunt and uncle on the whole school issue, and I got all emo and angsty and pissy afterwards) Mom and I went to Half-Price books. God I love it there, I could spend like a billion dollars just buying any and all books I see. I ended up buying Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, Rebel Angels(a sequel to one of my favorite books, A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray), The Jungle Books by Kipling, and a few books in the Tomorrow Series a fascinating book series beginning with Tomorrow When the War Began by James Marsden.

So far I'm about 100 pages into Memoirs and I really like it. :)

When we finished doing that we grabbed some food from DQ and came home. I played on the computer for a while and then conked out around 7:30.

About 11:05 I woke up because of two things, one the music my neighbors were blasting, and two horrible leg cramps. They were so bad I could hardly get out of bed, I managed to hobble to my mom's room and she told me to take some pottassium pills. So I did that and then hobbled back to my room. Flipped on the TV and Supernatural was on! I was so happy, Skin was on and I was just beyond happy because SHIRTLESS!JENSEN! Eeee! So I watched that and then went back to bed.

At about 12:15 I was getting annoyed because of the neighbor's music, they were blasting the bass and I finally called the cops on them. Yep. The lady took my info and about a half an hour later the cops showed up. My neighbors were drunk. *shrug* They got a warning, so nothing was too bad. Anyway, shortly after that I fell asleep.

Today Mom and I went over the budget for school and stuff, she showed me just how much money we don't have. Yep fun. Our original disscussion originated from the fact that I was saying how I needed a new computer monitor and Mom told me she was wondering whether or not I should just go ahead and get a laptop.

So of course being the obsessive compulsive-ish freak that I am I latched onto that idea like crazy. So I'm getting a laptop. We went over money, and I'm getting a laptop, and a second hard drive-Because I've used up all but 6 GB of my 145 GB current computer. Heh.

Tomorrow equal laptop and data transfer and Emily going CRAZY because she probably won't have her computer, and UBER worried because she has illegally downloaded crap on here.

Other than that I'm good. That's been me for the past few days.

Oh! I'm also IN LOVE with this new free computer game, it's called Second Life, over on It's sort of like the Sims online, but BETTER. Everyone should go sign up and come play with me, my userplayer name thing is Emella Ingraham.

That's it for now, recs are coming in a bit. :)
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