Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again


Snagged from fan_this:

Five things in my fridge.

1. Yogurt.
2. Pre-bake sugar-free chocolate chip cookies.
3. Old beef.
5. A half-filled bowl of berries.

Five things in my closet.

1. Cat hair. (No not creepy, my cat just curls up in there a lot.)
2. A box of papers that relate to my computer and ps2 and other stuff like that.
3. Old Jeans that I don't wear
4. Two old pillows
5. A huge black zipper art portfolio case thing.

Five things in my car.

1. An unopened jug of anti-freeze
2. About 30 dollars in change
3. Three gloves that don't match each other
4. A melted crayon on the dashboard
5. 15 year old casette tapes that haven't been played in 10 years.

Five things in my purse.

1. Keychains - like 15 of them.
2. Make-up bag.
3. Wallet & Check book
4. A stolen Max & Erma's pen.
5. Wax (for the braces)

Tags: meme
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