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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Jenny freckles


Yep, I watched it.

Okay, so besides the fact that it was the GAYEST MOVIE EVER! I loved it. CHAIR SEX OMG CHAIR SEX! That was the end all be all. Just, OMG that little voice and moan when he came, HOTTEST SOUND EVER.

*pants* *fans herself*

Is it bad that I sort of squeed when Jenny said 'fuck?' Heh. I like hearing him curse.

The movie was the freakiest crap ever and the plot SUCKED but it was hot and Jenny was so pretty. I was only half watching the movie, I was really just oogling for 2 hours. He looks so pretty in this movie, he's at that inbetween stage, after he stopped looking like a twinkie gay porn star, but before he got manly and boy-like. So basically all boy with a hint of a twinkie smile and jaw line. This icon that I'm using looks like the pic was taken around the same time as that movie was shot, just to give you a reminder/idea.

That's about it, although, thinking on Jake being the son of the Devil, is it weird that a lot of Jensen's roles deal with mommy issues? And incest for that matter?



He really does do well in the theme of incest, doesn't he? *G* He was totally gorgeous and enough to keep me hanging in there until the gruesome, bloody end. *sigh* Does it qualify as a waste of time if the only thing you did was oogle and the plot barely registered with you? *g* Or bias if you think he was the only good actor in there?
hehe.... i have Devour, and i know i'm weird, but i liked it... i mean really. but i like that weird stuff :)

and Jensen used to be such a good boy (if you've read some of his interviews from when ihe was on Days...)
Oh my FUCKING GOD the chair!sex.

The noises Emella. The NOISES. Fuck. I got nothin'. Dear god that man is pretty.

JENSEN!!!! YOU ARE TOO FUCKING GORGEOUS TO LIVE, PLEASE STOP YOU MAKE IT HARD FOR ME TO THINK! Or, conversely, come here and let me fuck you retarded. The end.