Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again


Yep, I watched it.

Okay, so besides the fact that it was the GAYEST MOVIE EVER! I loved it. CHAIR SEX OMG CHAIR SEX! That was the end all be all. Just, OMG that little voice and moan when he came, HOTTEST SOUND EVER.

*pants* *fans herself*

Is it bad that I sort of squeed when Jenny said 'fuck?' Heh. I like hearing him curse.

The movie was the freakiest crap ever and the plot SUCKED but it was hot and Jenny was so pretty. I was only half watching the movie, I was really just oogling for 2 hours. He looks so pretty in this movie, he's at that inbetween stage, after he stopped looking like a twinkie gay porn star, but before he got manly and boy-like. So basically all boy with a hint of a twinkie smile and jaw line. This icon that I'm using looks like the pic was taken around the same time as that movie was shot, just to give you a reminder/idea.

That's about it, although, thinking on Jake being the son of the Devil, is it weird that a lot of Jensen's roles deal with mommy issues? And incest for that matter?

Tags: boys, general, movies

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