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Daily Fic Recs

Cut for length.

Floorboards by lesleyarst (R)
This fic is really haunting and different. It's pretty good and it deals with non-con, but not in the way that you think. Check it out, because it's really very good. Note: The first two chapters are linked in the Story notes.
"It was three in the morning when they finally made it to Chicago. The city was cold and wet, and Dean wondered if a city was really supposed to feel this cold. For being raised in Kansas, he had developed a taste for warmer climates. Anywhere where he could still wear his jacket and not feel cold underneath was perfect."

The One Thing by poisontaster (Unrated/Adult)
Part of PT's Heart 'verse. It's sort of like a pre-quil but not. It's Earlier in the 'verse. PT always rocks, I shouldn't even have to tell you that by now. :)
"Sam sighs and rolls his longneck between his palms. Sam had confiscated Dean's cell to keep him from drunk dialing, but Dean's remembered more choice words he'd like to say to…Chase? Chance. That's her name…and has gone off to the back of the bar to the payphones with a handful of change and a funky attitude, first two fingers in his ear and pacing agitatedly back and forth as he argues."

8 Sam/Dean Ficlets by lyra_wing (R - NC-17)
These are great, Lyra is awesome and her little ficlets just leave you wanting more. Some of These are all SMOKIN' hot. :D
"When they have sex, most of the time, it's this frantic, secret fumbling in the dark. Pulling at each other's clothes, kissing so hard they draw blood, clutching each other in bruising grips. They fuck like they don't want to think too hard about what they're doing – because they don't – quick and dirty. Dean comes and Sam comes and then Dean pushes Sam aside and gets back into his own bed."

Sam & Dean:
Our Town by krislaughs (PG-13)
Remember in 'Shadow' when Dean mentioned Sam being in 'Our Town?' Well this is that story. It's cute and pretty realistic. Plus, DEAN FIXING CARS. Mmm yeah.
"Dean rolled out from under the half-rusted '72 Mustang and sat up, rubbing the stiffness from his shoulder. It was still bruised from sparring with Sam the other night. He'd never let the kid know it, but he had a mean right hook and had landed Dean a solid blow before Dean pinned him on his back in the grass."

Certainty by stillane (PG)
Heartwrenching and wonderful, this fic just gets are your gut. It's so poetic and sort of sad, wonderful and bracing. Very wise fic.
"It took him a while to figure it out. At first, he saw it all upside-down and backwards. He dreams of Dean, sometimes, sees him facing darkness and the night, sees him smiling and acting like an ass. In his dreams, Dean is never much older than he is now. The only wrinkles he wears are the little ones at the edges of his eyes that came on somewhere between Lawrence and Stanford."

Follow Through by cupiscent (Unrated)
I like this, it's kind of like an examination of Sam and Dean and their dynamic. SUMMARY: Sam is very much Dean's brother in many ways, but Sam is not Dean.
"The one year that Sam was at high school at the same time as Dean was the year Giles Fielding decided to make his life hell."

Sugar, We’re Going Down by strippedpink (NC-17)
J Squared featuring other CW actors. This is awesome; Jared slips up on national tv switching out pronouns "She" becomes "He" and then this fic is created out of that. Awesome idea and a lovely fic.
"The reporter had – of course - asked the single cliché question that every actor inwardly rolls their eyes at as they struggle to maintain bright smiles and positive personalities – Everyone wants to know…are you seeing anyone special?

And Jared…fucking
Jared, all dimples and excited grin, answered her. With the truth. On national television.

“Yeah, he’s really great! I…”"

...Pass It Around by la_folle_allure (NC-17)
Jensen/Jared/Jeff, this is just beyond hot. It's part 6 out of 10 in LFA's little RPS series. It's very very hot and very very very lovely.
"So, apparently when Jared said, “Come home with us” he really meant, “I’m going to fuck Jensen into a coma while you watch. PS don’t drink all my tequila”.

And really, Jeff was an easy guy to please. He wasn’t big on the complaining and truly considered himself lucky to be doing the things he was doing. He found himself in the casts of two incredibly different shows with two sets of co-stars that were like day and night."
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