Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Today & Bitch ass Rug Burn

Today and last night have been UBER eventful. Last night was my Grandma's birthday and I inadvertently bought her lunch at Bob Evans today. That was her present. :\

Anyway, so today I woke up at 8:30! (I went to bed surprisingly early last night) So mom and I went out to breakfast and I had Strawberry-Banana Crepes. Then we thought we would run to the store but we ended up going garage-saling(saleing?). I got FOUR AWESOME purses for only SEVEN dollars. Mmmm purses. We also bought two lamps a serving tray, a sort of chandelier thing and I also got a Microwave for when I'm at school and a messenger bag that has 'CBS News' on the side. Heh. So lots of good deals.

Now last night when my aunt and uncle dropped me and mom off (they drove us to the restaurant for grandma's birthday) they asked us to come swimming in there pool so Mom and I had been considering it, well after we went Garage-whatevering we stopped at grandmas and decided we would all head out there (to my aunt and uncle's) and have sort of like a mini-cookout.

After we stopped at grandmas we ran to Kohls and I got some t-shirts and an AWESOMELY huge beach towel. Then we stopped for lunch at Bob Evans and came back home to our house. We've been doing some cleaning and we're going to get ready soon and get ready to go. We're gonna stop at Kroger for some food for tonight and then head on out to my aunt and uncle's.

So a fun day. Heh. It's like BLAZINGLY hot today, about 90 and our A/C is broke in the van. >:(

Bleh. I need to answer comments sometime today, but I'm just too pooped right now. Anyway, I'll talk at y'all later. :D

OH! Also, I did a nose dive into the hallway carpet a little while ago and I have a HORRIBLE mother f-ing Rug burn. >_
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