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I just need to scream.



Ok. *takes deep breath* sorry for the slight spammage.

So just got off work.

The kids were fine actually. Dog wasn't too bad there at the end - pooped in his cage before I got there but generally he was OK. I had to work WAY MORE than I usually work. 8 hours of fun. ! <(I feel I need to add that exclamation point. Don't question my reasons)

So I made the kids dinner(breakfast) eggs and bacon and toast and fruit. I asked CJ how he wanted his eggs and he says 'Not scrambled' so I asked him if he wanted them with the yellow yolk, ya know sunny side up(these weren't my exact words, but I was clear) and he said yes. So I make Helena's eggs scrambled, then CJ's sunny side up, the bacon is done, I'm frying up my grilled cheese(I'm allergic to eggs), the toast is done.

And surprise surprise CJ doesn't want butter on his toast(that was actually my fault) and he want's eggs like Helena's!

! and ! again!

He KNEW thats what scrambled was, he eats scrambled eggs with cheese ALL the time. *cries and yells* ALL THE TIME!

So I made him new eggs, new toast and we were ok.

Why is it that Angelic Helena can wash a pan for me and wipe down the table but CJ cries (before I say anything) about the wrong kind of eggs. Why is it that she can do her homework without being told and he goes hyperactive right before bedtime.

I. hate. this. I don't want to have kids. I WILL NOT have boys. EVER! *cries*

*ok, back from the pissy fit*

So I missed LOST. My one good thing about the entire day was shot to hell by my (Censored) VCR. AND my mom got sick so she didn't check it to see if it was recording until half-way through.

I can't take it anymore.

I'm just so stressed. I have no life, Why am I so stressed over it?

*cries* This is so pathetic. I'm like really mad right now and I don't really know why. I think if I had to deal with any crap right now I would probably have to punch something.

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