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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Jenny freckles

Okay, creepy weird

Is it creepy and weird that I've just found Jensen Ackles parent's phone number?


Definitely creepy XD I once had my favourite singer's (and I'm talking HUGE fangirl, massive. Like you and Sunpernatural!) home address. It was WEIRD.

Also, THANK YOU for linking that fic with Dean in the corset. That was some excruciating hotness. x_x *still dead*
Heh, glad that the hotness was achieved. Yeah, that's pretty creepy...
Creepy? No. Unless you do something creepy with it....
I'd be willing to bet it's an old number.

Can you imagine having fangirls calling your house 24/7? I'd be changing my number every damn day. Heh.
Probably, and yeah, but the way I found it wasn't too common...
Two questions:

What's the area code?

And, do you have an address to go with it? I work in Richardson. I'M JUST SAYING.

Oh ok, three...how'd you find it?
1.) 972

2.) No address. :\

3.) I was searching on Mackenzie Ackles and I found this old booster page with some phone numbers and ad information on it.
972 is at least the right area code but I still bet it's been changed.

Want me to call and see what happens?
Damn! :\
Does the fact that I... kind of... want it... a little bit... *cough* make me creepy and weird?
Just depends on what you would do with it. :P
nope, not creepy and weird.. if you know where to look. and you can find LOTS of stuff on line. trust me. it's where i work.
LOL Yeah... Heh
yep yep.

and if you have a date of birth and social security number, you can find out LOTS more!!