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Fanon meme

This is the fanon meme, snatched from lyra_wing.

My Buffy/Angel Fanon:

Let's start at the beginning. :)

1.) Spike & Angelus had just as much sex as Darla and Dru had, back in the day when they were the fearsome foursome. They were the most badass vampires during they're time, ruthless to the point of obscure. Angelus is still considered to be an institution/legend, for he is one of the most ruthless demons in the world, despite being locked up.

2.) Spike was made in 1880 by Drusilla, taught everything he knows by Angelus. No matter how much Spike does, Angelus will never really accept him as a killer, because he really isn't.

3.) Riley isn't a super bad guy, he's just a little misguided at first. He's kind of hokey, but he wouldn't kill anyone without just cause. He's really just conflicted for some time.

4.) Buffy belongs with Angel, Spike also belongs with Angel. Angel has two OTPs, therefore it's really just an OT3. I honestly think that Buffy loves Spike, but not nearly as much as she loves Angel. Angel and Spike will be together forever, mark my words. :P

5.) Xander, if turned into a vampire would be as ruthless as Spike, and a worthy protege of Angelus - Not that Angelus would give anyone, he didn't sire the time of day.

6.) Willow and Xander will always be best friends, because history goes deeper than anything else, and their connection will continue even to death.

7.) Connor was created out of Darla's second chance. I think that Angel and Darla were given Connor because Angel saved Darla's life, but she couldn't be saved again. And ultimately I believe that Jasmine was somewhat behind everything here.

8.) Cordelia stopped being Cordelia and became Jasmine-infected (just a little at first), maybe around mid S3, right around when Connor was born. She was full blown demon-possesed when she returned from the 'higher plane' if that's what it was.

9.) Wolfram and Heart exist as one of the worst evils known. They're not hell, but they're pretty damn close.

10.) During the final battle, Gunn dies. Spike and Illyria live. They all put up a good fight, and after about a day L.A. is a complete war zone. Slayers in the area show up and help fight and Faith arrives with the scythe. They all put up a good fight and the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram and Heart is closed. The other branches beef up security and tone it down a bit. Angel scared the fuck out of the senior partners.

Buffy gets word of everything going down and she goes to L.A. after everything is finished. She meets up with Spike again.

Angel did not sign away his shanshu, or if he did, the PTB will grant it to him anyway one day. That is if he survives the final battle. I'm extremely torn on this. I believe that Angel could die, but I don't think he would. I think he would go on to fight another day and hopefully one day be happy with Buffy. I dunno, all I know is that the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Heart bites the dust, (that section of) L.A. is rebuilt again. Buffy meets Spike, and maybe Angel.

The world is safe for a while.

My Supernatural Fanon:

1.) I have this fic in my head, and it's sort of become fanon for me. John and Mary split up right before Sam is born, they still love each other, but they have some problems (I'm not sure if this is cheating or what, just problems for now). Papa gets an apartment and is there when Sam is born, he sees Dean for a couple of weekends, and he sees Sam once in a while. Mary and John still love each other, despite whatever problems they've had. The day of Sam's 6 month birthday they get back together, John moves back in and that's why Dean is so excited to see him at home. That night Mary dies. John gets her back only to have her snatched away again, thus fueling his anger.

2.) Dean was Sam's big brother for a long time growing up, before he became like a parent. Dean taught him to tie his shoes and floss his teeth. To do a cartwheel and how to make a sandwich. Little things. John taught Sam the big things like hunting and walking.

3.) Dean sort of became Sam's other parent when the boys were old enough to stay home alone. He cooked dinner for Sam and forged there father's signature on school forms. He made sure Sam did his homework and read to him at night. He was the domestic parent in Sam's life.

4.) The boys were on the road a lot with their father until Dean was about 14, that's when he started to let them stay home alone. They stayed home on most hunting trips (during the school year anyway) until Sam was about 14 and could start helping on hunts. They were on and off the road until Sam's senior year, they settled down for that whole year, and Sam stayed home alone a lot.

5.) Dean was taught to shoot when he was 8 years old, but only for defense. When he was 12 his father got him into handguns and started to teach him how to hunt. He went on his first real hunt when he was 13. Both boys were taught hand to hand combat starting when they were very young.

6.) Growing up John ruled over his house like the military. He was in charge and he gave orders. The chain of command was John > Dean > Sammy. Dean dutifully followed John's orders and Sam rebelled John. Sam usually followed Dean's orders, due to the fact that they weren't really orders.

The boys were expected to do military style work outs for a long time, including push-ups and jogging, sit-ups and chin-ups.

7.) Dean can cook. Like cook really well. They eat a lot of crap when they're on the road, but when they were younger Dean cooked a lot. He can make things like lasanga and chicken, cassaroles and cookies. He makes kick-ass pancakes.

8.) Dean is straight, but isn't opposed to having sex with a guy if it ever came up. Sam is bisexual. Sam has kissed a couple guys, but he'd only ever had sex with a girl until college. I'm still unsure whether or not Sam got past a messy handjob and onto more with that one guy at that party. :P

9.) In another life Dean would be something noble, like a firefighter or an EMT - an EMT especially. Dean saves lives because it's in his soul, he wasn't forced kicking and screaming into his life, it was already kind-of there. Sam might have been a lawyer, but in all likeliness I could see him as some sort of manager or mindless pencil-drone. Although Sam does like to argue, but in another life - who knows. *shrug*

10.) Okay, and the big one. I'm not so sure anymore, things have changed, but my original fanon was that Sam's real father was the demon. I also think that that may have been why John and Mary had a falling out right before Sam was born - because of Sam's parentage. Now this has changed significantly, because of the last two eps, as of now I have no clue. LOL

My Harry Potter Fanon:

1.) James became less of a jerk toward the end of his 6th year. He and Lily started dating at the beginning of 7th year and they were married a few months after graduation. Harry was born a few years later.

2.) Sirius and Remus may have fooled around some in school. I believe that they are both Bi, with Remus tending towards men and Sirius towards women.

3.) The Dursleys never really abused Harry, excluding the occasional slap or spanking.

4.) Draco Malfoy is not his father. He's not a villain, he was just raised like one. I don't believe he is good - not really at all, but deep down he doesn't want to kill anyone. Draco doesn't like muggle-borns simply because he's been taught they are dirty and stupid etc. etc. In another life Draco could have been raised normally.

5.) Severus is *not* evil. He is with Dumbledore 1000%. He killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore asked him to, simple as that.

6.) Ron and Hermione will end up together, pretty much no matter what.

7.) Harry's animagus animal would be some kind of bird. Hermione would be an owl - dead useful and smart. Ron would be some kind of loyal animal, maybe a dog or something else, I've alwyas been unsure of Ron's animal.

8.) Harry and Ginny do NOT belong together. Their relationship is supremely WRONG.

9.) Harry will save the world.

10.) As stated in the previous number, Harry will save the wizarding world. I see two endings to this tale, One, Harry lives, vanquishing Voldemort, destroying all the horcruxes and the scar will fade from his forehead. He will then go on to lead a normal life with Ginny. And two, Harry will vanquish Voldemort and die in the process. He will save the world and be known a hero the world over. He will have a chocolate frog card and be known the world over and the Harry Potter: the boy who saved us all. He will be survived by Ron & Hermione and all his friends.

Now based off of everything, I believe scenario one is what will occur. Voldemort will die, the scar will vanish, and most importantly, Harry will live. Afterall, he is the boy who lived.

And that's all folks.
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