Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Blah/Random things

I have nothing to say, just felt like updating and wasting internet space. Heh.

I had my orthodontist appointment, Teeth are sensitive but not throbbing yet. I had to ask about how and when to schedule my next appointments because I'll be in Pittsburgh. Hopefully I'll only have to come home twice, at least that's what my orthodontist said.

I got a DQ moolate and some taco bell on the way home - yumm. :)

I was thinking about the days left until I leave for school, and I'm kind of excited now, I can't wait. Whoooo! Hee!

I really want some new music, feel free to send me ANYTHING (foldered & Zipped) I'm open to any new music. :D

Hummm... What else? Oh, I've been on a sort of icon/graphics bender lately. So yay! For icons. :D

Random thing, I've got That 70's Show on and Hyde keeps impersonating the devil saying, 'Satan is your master Fez. Get Satan a cherry pop. Get Satan a cherry pop. Get Satan a cherry pop, man!' Hee! I just love the fact that the writers actually used 'pop.' Most tv shows tend to say soda despite the fact that a lot of midwesterners say 'pop.'


Does anyone know where to find any *good* Smallville slash? I found one archive, but it's kind of meh. Also, is it scary that I'm really into Clark/Chloe and would like to read some Clark/Chloe fic?

I'm sort of bored, what are you all up to? :D
Tags: fic, general, smallville, t7s, tv

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