Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again


I need a 'Temper Tantrum' icon because I feel like crap. I've been drinking, and the morning after I was less hungover than I am now, and I didn't drink anything last night. I'm so tired.

I have an ortho appointment today and NO! I'M NOT GOING NO! OMG NO! (*will be bribed forced to go by mom*)

*Whines* *needs coffee and/or pop and/or milk and/or all three*

*Drops off some recs*

Falling Like Rain by txtequilanights (NC-17)
This is so f-ing hot. Like MELT IN THE PANTS hot. PWP.
"Sam doesn’t think it will ever go back to how it used to be. He’s changed too much. Dean’s changed too much. They’ve changed too much. When he left, he didn’t just leave Dean, he left their whole relationship and everything it had ever been or meant. And he missed it. God, he missed it."

Like a Hurricane by mona1347 & poisontaster (Adult)
This is porn and it will kill your brain. So hot that you will die from the hotness and you will need to be revived. I have no words for the awesomeness that is PT/Mona + Porn.
"Dean is crumpled and rumbly, tired and twitchy, all keyed up but utterly exhausted. He clearly needs to chill the fuck out. So Sam reaches over, nearly casual, puts his hand on Dean's thigh and just...kneads. Dean kind of stiffens but only licks his lips and tightens his hands on the wheel. "

Sam & Dean:
One, Two and You're Out by poisontaster (Unrated/Violence)
This is awesome, it really shows Dean's character. Pre-Series
"Dean puts an unsteady hand to his forehead. It comes away running with gore and even as he looks, the vivid crimson pales and darkens to an ashy gray. His head aches. His neck aches, all the way down into his abused kidneys. He's fading and the worst thing is that it really doesn't even sound so bad. A little dirt nap. Right here, in the sallow dust of the roadside…why not?"

Push Me Over the Side by onelittlesleep (R)
This is awesome. Very haunting and kind of sad. It's Pre-Series, Sam is 15 and it's from his third person P.O.V. Excellent fic.
"It was cold, like the heat had kicked out around 1 after they'd all gone to bed. Sam sat at the edge of his bed and ran his hands up and down his bare arms, chilled. He got up to take a piss, but paused and flipped the blankets back over Dean, who was curled up, sleeping heavy."

Now I must crawl into a corner and *DIE* of the tired.
Tags: daily fic recs, general, supernatural

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