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Someday you'll need to stand tall again


I couldn't think of a subject line...

Anyway, watching Galaxy Quest - HEE!

Am loving Sorority Boys, I have it on tape now and in the words of Lloyd Christmas, 'I like it, I LIKE IT ALOT.' :P

I have a crush on Mike. Lol.

I don't really have anything to say. Talked to my school rep, Have to turn in some of those 8 million forms - bleck. Mmmeh Guess that's about it. Heh.

Fic recs you say? Why not.

Geography for Beginners by sevenfists (NC-17)
This is UBER HOT. It's Jared/Jensen/Sandy, and it's a HOT hot hot threesome. Mmmm. It's kind of a trilogy. The sequel: A Life You Don't Despise. The third of the series: Shake Off the Bitter.
"Jared really shouldn't be surprised by anything Sandy comes up with, but when she says she wants a threesome with Jensen, Jared isn't sure how to react. Should he be jealous or thrilled? Or mortified? He can't make up his mind, so he just sits there with his mouth hanging open like somebody hit him over the head with a two-by-four."

Thin Line Between (Love and Hate by strippedpink (NC-17)
So hot and lovely and WONDERFUL. It’s been a hard day on set. Jensen is exhausted, cold and cranky. Jared decides to take him home and make him feel better. Mmmm yes.
"“Ouch…careful with the merchandise!” Jared’s voice sounded, and Jensen glanced over to find his co-star grinning like a lunatic, surrounded by a swarming mass of wardrobe interns as they pinned and ripped and adjusted Sam’s clothing to fit the scene. Jared lifted a finger, shaking it teasingly into the face of the nearest person. “You people can’t afford to replace me.”"

All Comes Down by daysoflo (Unrated/adult)
I really like this, it has an interesting flow and it's really kind of hot. It's CMM/JP. I pretty much don't like Chad, but this is actually really good. It's sexy and angsty without actually being very heavy.
"When Chad and Jared meet, Chad is every asshole Jared ever knew in high school. He walks like he owns the goddamn world and has something bitchy to say any time Jared looks his way. There is nothing Jared likes about him. Their third day on set together they get into a fight. Jared punches Chad right in his pretty mouth and Chad goes after him, throwing Jared to the ground."

Sam & Dean:
Lost in Subtle Metaphor by princess_bunny (Unrated)
This is great, it's funny and hot and cute. Gen!Swap where Sam is turned into a girl. Also, hot lesbian sex in the Impala.
"So there's a strange accident and Sam morphs into a girl, still covered in blood and gore from chopping up something they weren't entirely clear on, but figured, hey, it bleeds right? Upon second review, they probably shouldn't have done that. Sam doesn't take it too badly, but Dean freaks out pretty horribly and sticks by Sam's side for every second for the first two weeks."

Go the Other Way by sevenfists (NC-17)
This is great. Very very hot and sexy and kinky and just yummy. Crossdressing kink where Dean dresses up like a girl. It's way funny and SUPER HAWT.
"Dean watched in horror as Sam produced a skirt, nylon stockings, a brown wig, and - Christ on a crutch, was that a bra? He stopped paying attention after that, and flopped down on the bed to watch some TV. Maybe if he pretended none of this was happening, Sam would give up. Stranger things had happened."

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