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Smallville & More

So I just downloaded Smallville S1 and I'm watching episode 1x06 - Hourglass and I had a thought.

Now I've seen all five seasons of Smallville and Clark really doesn't change too much, and I had the thought before now, What would turn this nice honest guy into a spandex wearing superhero?

Then during this episode, Clark meets an old lady who can see the future, he sees a vision of all of his friends and family (minus Lex) in graves, and a huge neverending graveyard. Now I had this thought, Clark is a good guy, probably the most caring person you'll ever meet. I had the thought, that he would give up his life to save everyone, but most importantly his friends and family. Then my brain jumped, Clark does give up his whole life to save everyone.

We've all been looking on it like Clark Kent is superman and he's just saving people because it's the right thing to do, well look at it like this. Clark gives up his whole life to save people. He lives in secret and is dishonest he hides all his secrets and he can't get close to anyone.

Clark Kent sacrifices his life everyday to be Superman.

I've been trying to think lately about how Clark becomes a tights-wearing superhero and I still can't make that jump, but the only thing I know is that Clark isn't perfect. Look at everything he goes through just to help people, he makes sacrifices just like everyone else. Which I guess really does make him Superman. Maybe that's the mark of a superhero, sacrificing everything to do what's right. We see and hear about hero's everyday, but can you imagine sacrificing your entire life, just to ensure the happiness of others? Not just being willing to give up your life in the death sense, but to live feeling alienated from everyone you love, just so they're happy?

I dunno, I just really feel for Clark. For a long time Superman was just a mythic guy who saved the world a lot. Smallville has made him human and I guess that's why I like him and the show so much.

My mom always used to say that Spiderman was the first superhero to really be human and have issues with everyday life, well I really like how Smallville has changed that and changed my view on the life of comics.

I really want to see a movie or read a story on the real lives of superheros now. I just have this corny montage in my head of all these superheros as the normal version of themselves and I keep thinking, wow, what do they go through everyday? That would be an interesting story to tell or see.

Bleh, sorry to get all weird on y'all. Heh.

In other news, yesterday Mom and I went and picked out our glasses. I need glasses for seeing far away, like driving and going to the movies and what not, the frames I picked out are nice, they're kind of a rounded rectangle, plastic frames and the frame is kind of a swirly brown green, medium-dark. They're nice. :)

I think that's it for now. :) I might post some recs later, or maybe tomorrow.
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