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Random SPN Porn

Um... Where the FUCK did this come from?! Everyone blame wendy.

I didn't intend for a title and all that jazz, but what the hell.

Title: Guns
Rating: R to NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warnings: PWP, Porn, Gun!porn I guess.
Disclaimer: Made up, all fake.
Notes: For wendy becuase this is what happens when she has bad days and I feel like writing and she likes guns and boys and calls me her crack!dealer. :P

"Fuck." Sam bit out as he stumbled backwards over one of Dean's boots. Dean automatically reached out to steady him.

Their teeth bumped as they locked lips again and Dean grinned in amusement against the kiss. Sam opened his mouth wider and pushed his tongue forward, making Dean groan and tighten his grip on Sam's hips.

Sam tripped again, but this time onto one of the motel beds. He gasped in pain as his back fell onto something sharp. Dean's weight only increased the pressure.

Sam broke the kiss hurriedly, "Wait. Ahh, wait." He reached one hand beneath his body and pulled out a .45. Sam rolled his eyes and quickly dropped the gun off the side of the bed. Dean only shrugged and dove back in toward Sam's lips.

Sam's head connected with another hard piece of metal, but he didn't care, screw the discomfort, Dean felt too damn good.

Dean curled his tongue around Sam's and started to suck, successfully making Sam's brain melt. They kissed for a while, hurried, but not frantic, before Sam started to get impatient. Before he realized what he was doing, he started to arch up into Dean, rubbing up against him and pushing his hard-on into Dean's hip.

Dean groaned and broke the kiss. He moved his lips to Sam's jaw, kissing and licking his way down Sam's neck.

Sam's eyes fluttered closed and he sucked in a quick breath. Dean's lips found that spot behind his ear and Sam nearly came right there.

Sam was arching and groaning and God! Those stupid guns were poking him but he didn't care. As long as Dean kept this up, Sam would just drift away into some sort of orgasmic-overload-coma-thing.

Sam curled his hands up into Dean's hair, holding Dean's head while he left hickeys all along Sam's neck.

Dean stopped suddenly and Sam looked up at him in confusion. "Too many clothes." He grunted, and then he was pulling off his shirt and Sam hurried to catch up. He struggled as he tried to pry off his jeans with Dean's legs wrapped around his lap.

"NGnn Get off." Sam complained. Dean hurried off of the bed and they finished stripping.

And then Dean was there, shoving the guns off of the bed and pushing Sam down. His lips met Sam's and their teeth clacked as they resumed their earlier efforts.

Dean's cock pressed into Sam's abs and Sam hissed. They started to grind involuntarily and then Dean bit down onto Sam's lip.

Sam gasped and broke the kiss. Dean pulled away and glanced down at their cocks, he lined their cocks up and reached down, wrapping a hand around them both.

Sam's eyes rolled back into his head and Dean slowly began to jerk them off. The quick, hard strokes were so point-blank that Sam wasn't sure he could last, and then Dean was kissing him again.

Their tongues met and Sam gasped into the kiss when Dean twisted his thumb, teasing the head of Sam's cock. Dean's hand sped up, pumping furiously, and Sam grabbed one of Dean's shoulders, clinging to him, while his other hand flailed wildly toward the headboard, looking for something to hold onto. He could feel his orgasm start in the soles of his feet, moving up and down his spine like fire.

Sam's hand connected with something hard and he grabbed it in a crushing grip. His orgasm hit at full speed and he broke his kiss with Dean. Sam's head slammed back into the bed and his eyes slammed shut. He was almost screaming silently as his skin hummed with life and his senses burst into action. His blood seemed to boil as his skin burned and his spine ached. He was arching so far off the bed, pushing up into Dean that he was barely aware of Dean's own orgasm.

Sam slammed back down into the bed and Dean was tense on top of him. Sam's breath was loud and the rush of blood through his veins pounded in his ears. Dean's head dropped to his shoulder and Sam suddenly realized that he was holding something in his hand. He pulled his hand to where he could see and noticed he was gripping one of Dean's .9 millimeters, barrel first. Sam rolled his eyes and dropped the gun off the side of the bed.

Dean just lifted his head tiredly in disbelief, "Dude, if you messed with my .9, I am so going to whoop your ass."


Um Yeah, wtf was up with that?

Tags: fic, slash fic, supernatural
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