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I seriously ♥ Jon Stewart. His show tonight was OMGLOVE!!!! He totally beat Bill Bennet's ass on the issue of gay marriage. I ♥ him so much. If you haven't seen tonights Daily Show, go and see the clip of the interview when it is posted over on ( )


Now, Fic recs:

People Livin' In Competition by ladyjaida (Unrated)
Cute and lovely and sexy. It's cute little excerpts of the 'gay' issues that Sam and Dean go through. Hee!
"In Oasis Plains, Oklahoma, it’s not exactly the first time Dean’s slapped Sam’s ass. Hell, it’s not even the second. Dean thinks the first time mighta been on Sam’s first day of high school; anyway, Sam wasn’t able to get a date until they moved halfway through Sam’s junior year. "

Reminders of Echoes by maygra (PG-13)
This is so completely brilliant. Sam and Dean and Sam has sees these shadows/ghosts called 'shades' and it's just brilliant. Check it out.
"They aren't even really ghosts. They are...shades...Sam remembers the word. Negative images imprinted on places, in time. They ignore everything around them, even each other usually. They only drift by in some half-remembered pattern mimicking life. The girl who makes the walk to the bus stop every day. When the bus comes, she disappears. "

Sam & Dean:
Family Secrets by ignipes (PG)
This is AU. Mary and Jess are still alive, but the boys are still in the family business. GAH awesomeness.
"The summer rain is warm and gentle, pattering on the roof and filling the air with a cool, clean scent. Jess stands at the kitchen sink, watching the game in the backyard through the rain-streaked window. She doesn't know who's winning -- she doesn't even know who's on what team -- but she smiles as she sees her brother take out Sam with a flying tackle that sends them both sliding across the churned-up lawn."

By This Light by whereupon (PG-13)
This is really really awesome. The imagery and the tone is amazing. It's a little excerpt of life involving the boys and it's really great, sort of haunting.
"In the distance, out past the breakers, a light bobs back and forth in the slow rocking waves. A fishing boat, maybe a charter. Sam squints to make out an outline, unsure of what he's looking for, of why he's looking, what he hopes to see. His hands are folded in his pockets against the chill damp. He hears seagulls, smells salt, slow decay of seaweed, gasoline. Even the sand is tinged with grey. It's windy. He does not shiver."

Inhaler by la_folle_allure (NC-17)
This is Jared/Jenny/Mike/Tom. Warning, this will enduce HOTNESS, you will definitely need a cold shower after this. Mmmm Hot boys in a HOT TUB. :)
"The water felt like heaven as the jets shot out pulse after pulse of soothing heat. Jared's body was magnetically drawn to the warmth, moaning softly as his muscles unclenched and relaxed, humming to himself as he felt the tension melt into the water."
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