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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Fic Recs

The whole SPN_Hate thing is messing with me, so I bring you all recs. I'm also compensating for the whole 'no recs for the last few days' thing.

Gen Fic:
Now Does Our World Descend by ephemerall (PG-13)
This is so sad and beautiful. I got teary and it's wonderful characterization.
"When he says “Sammy… please…” it’s not the demon, and it’s not Dad begging Sam not to pull the trigger; it’s killing Sam because it hurts to know that Dad is in there somewhere, and he can come through to please, please do this, to end this, and Dean’s eyes are on him begging him not to do this, because the three of them are all they have and begging him to do it because it has to end. "

Until the Day by northatlantic (PG-13)
This is wonderfully poetic and beautiful. It's a literary inspired fic about Sam and Dean and the comfort they seek from small things. This is wonderful.
"Green Eggs and Ham is probably the first one he remembers, Dean's voice rising and falling comically on Sam-I-Am always provoking a fit of giggles. When six-year-old dignity demanded a more grown-up story, it was bits and pieces of whatever Hardy Boys installment Dean happened to be reading at the time, with disgusted sidebar commentary about inaccuracies of stalking and tracking etiquette."

cracked by whereupon (R)
Really beautiful, great fic. It's post a bunch of episodes. This makes you just feel bad for Dean, makes you want to cuddle him. Dean is so broken in this, it's like she makes light of all of his flaws and you just want to help him and love him because his flaws are what make him such a good person.
"Dean doesn’t have much use for regrets. Life happens, shit happens, you go on. His mother dies screaming on the ceiling, engulfed in flames, and he makes a vow to find whatever did that to her (though that’s years later, when he can comprehend exactly what it was, when it’s more than his brother in his arms as he stumbles down the front stairs, crying with smoke and fear and where’s mommy?). But he doesn’t regret it, doesn’t relive it any more than he has to, ‘cause there’s nothing he can do about it."

Broken Puppets by pixel_0 (PG-13)
Post Devil's Trap, it's really like a coda. It's awesome and sad and haunting. Check it out.
"Dean opens his bleary eyes, and the moon is tinged red with blood in his vision. When he turns his head, heavy and floating, he buries his nose in the grass beneath him. The blades are cold against his opened cheek, and the ground smells of his childhood home before the fire destroyed everything. Before the fire broke his soul into pieces for the world’s feast."

In Miles, In Laughter, In Strife, by lyra_wing (R)
Oh damn I love this. Lyra used the running theme of a year as well as the song 'American Pie' by Don McLean. This is part one of a 2 part fic and it's just completely awesome. I can't even tell you how much I love this. Part 2 is linked at the bottom of the post. Part 2 just ends so brilliantly, the last AP verse just fits so perfectly.
"January is the month in which a witch's cauldron full of odorous goop explodes in their faces, causing Sam and Dean to alternately lose one of their senses for days at a time."

Lesser Shadows by maygra (NC17)
This is great, it's a little excerpt from Shadows and I could actually kind of see it happening if wincest were canon. Heh.
"Sam made a harsh, choking sound, and even from here Dean could see the moisture escaping from the corners of Sam's closed eyes. Dean jerked at his ropes because damn it, he'd worked them long enough there should be some fraying. He hazarded a glance; Sam was desperately trying to work his own blade free from the hidden wrist sheath, but Meg was so close to him, she’d see it or choke him to the point where he passed out and dropped it."

Last Rites by apocalypsos (NC-17)
This is THE BEST. It's delicious and hot and wonderful. apocalypsos took that whole 'vampires mate for life' thing and turned it into a fic... a really freaking awesome fic.
"Vampires mate for life, Sam knows, so maybe turning his brother isn't the best idea in the world.

It's hard to resist, though, Dean trussed up to a tree like he is, stripped of his weapons and narrowing his eyes at his little brother like Sam's the one who betrayed him. Like Luther hadn't ripped the flesh of his wrist open and pressed it to Sam's lips before he could flinch away, the perfect revenge against the hunters who tried to kill his mate. "

The Night In Your Eyes by poisontaster (Adult)
This is like Book/Novel good. The imagery and the loneliness stands out and the quiet and the standoffishness. This is written for the SPN Slash Fiction Angstathon, written for me. Non-Con warning.
"The thing about the beginning is that it's very rarely recognizable as such. There's your birth and your death and everything in between is just sort of a mish-mash of times and places and people with very few ways to separate one thing from another."

it's still pizza by traveller (nc17)
J squared. Adorable and hot. Mmmm hotness.
"The dogs nip at their ankles as they come in the door, lick their faces when they tumble down onto the bed. Jared pushes at Jensen's jacket, at his belt buckle, while Jensen shoves at dog collars and paws. Jared giggles."


Erm... hides because her angstathon fic isn't finished yet - RL and RL and RL happened - but still working on it...but also, apart from thanking you for the recs (I found many pearls through you, thank you!)..what is the SPN_Hate thing? Inquiring SPN-lover mind would like to know :)
It's okay, what's sad is I haven't finished mine either.

We're also not the only ones...

spn_hate :\
*goes see*
*comes back*

Ah, the lovely internet and the anonymous thing :)
and half of the people there are just having fun hoping to create big wank and a few poor losers are actually seriously mean but don't have the guts to say what they want with their name on it *shakes head*
ignoring is always the best reaction. A fandom always will have problems and tensions and inner fights, because we are.just.people. Still. It's a good show, and I won't let stupid anonymous posters ruin it for me :D

*hugs you tight* don't take it either seriously or personally. Some people have nothing else better to do *shakes head again*

re: unfinished stories..is it wrong I felt a surge of relief that we' re not the only ones? *G* but, I am working on it. Actually, had to start over, but I'm midway through.

And yes, love your recs :D
*hugs again*
Wanking and meanness just suck, but people should at least have the balls to put there name where there hate is.

Can't we all just get along?! Heh.

Sucky... I need to work on my fic. *is ashamed*
Oh! Also, I'm glad you like the recs. :)
Hey, thanks for the rec. :)

And dude? To me, spn_hate is like that 2-year-old you used to babysit who would jump up and down in front of the TV, blocking your view, whining, "Look at me! Look at MEEE!"

(Unfortunately, it won't go away if we give it some cookies.)
LOL Great analogy. Hee!
*hugs* Oh, thank you! It tickles me pink that you liked this story!
I ♥ all your stories. :D