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Fucking shitfaces

I'm so fucking drunk. Like I can't hole my head up straight woithout swaiying. LOL The wedding was really nice. I had lots of alcohol. I have 2 1/2 screwdriv3rs amd 2 of these things my cousins call a 'Dirty Melissa' It's like a screwdriver but it also had cranberry juice and some thing sour in it. i CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT WAS SOUR. iT was good though. I also had three shots of tequila. Damn that crap is awful but it's alcohol so who gives a fuck?

Right before we left I was walking outside to the curb and there was this guy there and I started talking to him and I told him I'd never been drunk before and he was so nice and he asked if I had a ride and I said yeah and we talked for a while and then I told him that normally I wouldn't have talked to him and he thought I didn't like him or something byt I explained that it was all me. I wished I'd gotten to know him, he was kinda hot and really nice he was older than I was.

Oh I'm really sleepy now.

Oh! After I left talking to the dude I had to ride home in the car, fucking shitfaced with my gfrandma. She didn't know I was drunk though. She took a center piece home and I had to hold it and it kept fucking poking me.

Oh I THINK I may throw up.

I had some water and I told my cousin I was drunk and that it was a great party, but I think I want to call him.

He's the cousin I had a crush on.

God. I;m so fucking weird.

I think I'm gonna throw up now.

I'm really tired too.

So just to be clear, it was a nice wedding, I had 2 1/2 screwdrivers 2 dirty melissa's and 3 shots of tequila. I thinmk I'm gonna go sleep now. God it's hot in here.

My head feels weird. I really wish I dunno what I WISH i LOST my thoughts.

Off to bed now.

Goodnithgt moon. LOL

In other news my computer has like spyware or some shit.

i NEED sleep........


I had some water and I told my cousin w
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