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Sucky Smallville fic stuff & Weird Buffy/SPN/Smallville Meta

You know what sucks? When you have a fic in your head, but you just can't write it. I have a Smallville fic in my brain, it's exactly like an episode of Smallville, but I just can't write it.

I sat down to write it, and it sounds like crap. It's gen fic, and it's more humor and action and generally more like Smallville canon than anything but I just don't have a voice for that genre.

It's the BEST idea too! I have the PERFECT idea of how Clark goes from being Clark to wearing the tights and cape. It's like the awesomest idea and I just wish I could get it out.

Goddamn plot bunnies.

I almost want to write this out like an episode, but it just won't come out. Gah. I guess I'll just have to think of flushing it out more.

I'm having trouble because most of my stuff comes from depression/sadness/anger/angst, so when I write I start with the initial feelings and move on, but with Smallville, you almost can't write deep angsty stuff, it's just not in the canon.

Smallville is such an awkward fandom. It's like, the show isn't angsty and deep. I mean it is, but not on the same level as other shows, sure you have the whole Clark/Lana ordeal and the whole Clark & Lex stuff, but you don't really have deep emotional issues with Clark, at least not in the traditional sense. The show is so upbeat and PG-rated, unlike Supernatural or Buffy which are wholy dark or sarcastic or even funny and angsty, that someone who writes from a deep emotional place has trouble.

I, myself, could easily jump into Angel/Buffy fic because even though those angsty emotions didn't always take center stage on screen, they were still there. You could feel them and they were tangible. Angel brooded a lot, but the main focus was the arcs or the monster of the week (MotW). The same with Buffy, Buffy went through rough times, but the season arcs and the MotW took first priority. So in that sense it's easy to go off and write emotional slash and fic because the emotions are still there. You still have the little extra push to go off of.

With Supernatural everything is dark and angsty and you can just sink your teeth into all the emo. Even though the arc or the MotW continue to take center stage, those angsty feelings are woven throughout the story and it makes it all that much more solid. I think that's why everyone is so able to just jump into the SPN fandom and write. The show gives you so much to go on and work with, the stories are tighter and have more jump off points (places for you to add your thoughts or ideas or write deleted scenes).

Supernatural is almost like the new Buffy, but better, in that you get the supernatural side of things and you still get the arc and the emotions, but what's different is that almost every episode of SPN ties the MotW into the angst and the emotions. It's tighter in that the writers take each urban myth and cater it to work with the interactions between the brothers and play on something that is bothering/affecting/happening with the boys.

I think this is why it's so hard to write for Smallville. Smallville is pretty much a family based show, or well, it's meant for a general audience, so a lot of the more "grown-up" issues aren't there. Unlike with Buffy where you have her boyfriend go psycho and dump her after sex, you just have Clark unwilling to be in a relationship for fear of getting Lana hurt. It just seems to me that while you have angst and emotional episodes on Smallville, it's not nearly as deep as Buffy or SPN, because you still have to maintain that family rating.

Which makes me wonder if that's why some fandoms just can't be written in. Is it possible that the more family oriented the show, the less involved we fangirls and slashers want to be? Is it *that* difficult for us to branch off and write adult emotions and situations while still staying true and in character to the show?

Maybe it's like a weird screwed up cycle or something: We write deep adult emotions in a family oriented fandom and because they're deep adult emotions they sound out of character for the fandom, so the fic doesn't seem as good thus leaving the writer/readers a little less satisfied than with other fandoms, so we don't write as much because its less satisfying.

Do you get that? Like because the show is so PG you can't really write hardcore angst and emo and we, as adult slashers and ficcers just don't feel as satisfied.

I'm not sure, but I would love to hear what other people have to say on this idea/issue. I didn't intend for this to turn into a meta, but it did. Heh. It just sort of came out of no where.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.
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