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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

General update

Okay, so tonight Mom and I went shopping, we have to go to a wedding tomorrow so we bought our outfits. I'm going to be wearing a turqouise and lime green printed peasant skirt with an emerald green short sleeved tunic. Mom still has to finish her ensemble.

My cousin is getting married. The girl he's marrying is nice, she has a son. It's weird because Neil, my cousin is marrying Laura, who used to date Neil's brother Kelly. So yeah. Anyway, the wedding is being held downtown somewhere. I'm hoping that I can sneak some booze or flirt with some cute guys, but ya never know.

In other news, I've been working on some icons and will be updating cherry_sin hopefully sometime soon. Now I'm putting some stuff behind a cut.

I freaking shattered my own record. I don't know why I'm posting about this, but before, I'd had 7 orgasms in a half an hour, well last night I had 11. Yes, eleven. In under and hour.

I know.

I'm crazy and weird.

Also, I have a general orgasm question...

Does anyone know how many calories you burn when you orgasm? Like during sex you burn a lot because of all the moving, but when you're by yourself... you just don't move as much, at least I don't. Anyway, this is the weirdest question ever, so feel free to ignore it. I'd just like to know.

Okay, sorry if I icked you and sent you down the road of TMI.

I'll talk at ya all later.

[EDIT: I totally want to fuck him, he's so hot: http://www.smallville-media.com/media/400/welling/index.php ]
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Wow, I applaud your orgasmness. That's like super awesome.

Huh, that's interesting. I will ask my trusty all-knowledgeable resident sexpert and see if they know the answer.
Hee! Thanks I guess, and don't worry about the calories thing apparently it's like next to nothing.

P.S. Sorry this is so late.
I've heard you burn like 200 calories each, but... I'm not sure that's right, because then we probably were all supposed to be super-thin. I mean... hormonally charged women reading slash all day and so on. And 11 in an hour? That's... uhm... 1 every 5 minutes. ... TMI revisited: When I was about 10 years younger I could go for the 7 in half an hour record as well, but nowadays I can barely lift a hand after orgasm number 2. Enjoy it while it lasts *lol*
Yeah, that probably can't be right...

You know what's weird, is like I can't get off on slash. I read it, I love it, it turns me on, but I can't get off on it. I dunno why.

That's... uhm... 1 every 5 minutes. ...

Sounds about right...

Hee! Thanks!
I can't get off on slash

hmmm. weird. especially as you absolutely seem to not have a problem with getting off at all ;-)
I think it's because I'm not a guy and I haven't actually seen a guy have sex in RL before, so it's like I just don't have enough info for it to be super hot. Meh I dunno though.

YOu so win the masturbation game. I don't know how many calories you burn, but it's a negligible amount. Not enough to really do anything, unfortunately.
That kind of sucks, because I so should have lost like 2 pounds. LOL

P.S. Sorry this is so late.