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To-do List & Fic recs

To-do List
-Reply to LJ comments YES!
-Find new layout coding
-Create new layout
-Decide on Layout header
-Create new layout header
-Set up Header directory
-Create layout background
-Put up new layout
-Write more Angstathon fic
-Send out Angstathon fic reminders
-Make icons of SPN, BBM, and SV
-Weed through flist
-Update cherry_sin
-Watch QAF DVDs
-Send QAF DVD email
-Work on school stuff - paperwork & lists of stuff
-Go get glasses
-Check out Movie schedules/rent X-Men movies
-Clean room
-Paint toe nails

Okay, and now for today's fic recs:

Sam & Dean:
Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven by poisontaster (G)
This made me think. It's a religious version of Dean and it's very interesting. It got me thinking about my own faith, which just shows you what an awesome author PT is. Check this out.
"Sometimes he wears a plain silver cross with his amulet, under his shirt, where it can't be seen. He doesn't go to services, doesn't recite any more prayers than it takes to bless a weapon or some water. He can count over the decades of the rosary but he doesn't know their meditations or what they mean. And most of the time, when he does enter a church, it's strictly for business."

There'll be peace when you are done by lyra_wing (PG-13)
This is utterly amazing. The concept for this fic just blows my mind, it's so unique and awesome and yet simple. You should check it out because Lyra can't steer you wrong and this Dean-centric fic just ROCKS.
"Dean never opens his fortune cookies.

Whenever they get Chinese food, Dean pushes both cookies over to Sam and, in exchange, Sam lets Dean eat all the orange slices."

said the joker to the thief by traveller (NC-17)
I ♥ this fic. This is a little slice of life with Dean and Sam and I just love it.
"Sam's orange juice stings Dean's lips and burns the back of his throat, both raw with wind and weather and too damn many cigarettes. Two booths up a kid with too-big pants feeds a quarter into the tabletop juke and the Beasties ask the diner patrons so whatcha whatcha whatcha want? Dean keeps his head down and his eyes on the door, and Sam keeps reaching to take his juice back and Dean whacks his knuckles without thought, over and over, like breathing."

Sleight of Hand by winterlive (Not Rated, but maybe PG-11)
This fic is so cute, it's baby Winchesters and kissing and stealing. :)
"Shoplifting was an essential skill, one they'd been taught well. This was their first go at it on their own; their father had told them to get anything they wanted this time. Dean, wiping his hands on his jeans, lifted the black cassette tape from their spoils of war with a reverent touch. "Metallica's so cool.""

Don't Ask, Don't Tell by winterlive (NC-17)
Sequel to Sleight of Hand. This is like perfection. Dean and Sam sort of run out of money and Dean takes matters into his own hands. Prostitution warning.
"The first time, Sam doesn't know what the hell is going on. They haven't eaten in two states; they're hungry and almost out of gas besides. In the hotel, they fight about Dean running credit card scams - if he's going to steal, Sam argues, he could at least make sure he knows when to steal again."

Smallville fic:
masturbation/alien style by kho (R)
This is so funny and awkward and it makes you laugh your ass off. :D Clark has a problem... LOL
"“Woah, woah, Clark, calm down,” Pete said, laughing nervously and stepping around Clark. It wasn’t until he tripped and fell to his knees that he noticed the gaping hole in the floor. “I’m fine,” he said, staring down at it in confusion. “I just got here,” he continued, finally looking up at Clark’s blushing, horrified face. “And what the hell happened man?”"

That's it for now. :)
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