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Someday you'll need to stand tall again

Daily Fic Recs

Here are today's recs. :)

Sam & Dean:
Strangers In Another Town by apocalypsos (R)
This is sad and beautiful and very wistful. It's AU... sort of, and you could actually see this little fic being real, this is a real family.
"Dean wakes up to a bright-eyed toddler perched on his chest shoving a cordless phone in his face, and when she says, "Phone, Daddy," he nearly chokes on something that isn't there."

Little Toy Soldiers by mcee (PG)
This is great, the Sam voice here is wonderful and I love the little snippet of the past we get to see.
"The front seat is eerily quiet, and Sam shifts just to hear Dean's breathing alter, just to feel Dean eye him in the rearview mirror, his voice too loud in the absence of music, too sharp without the hiss of a magnetic band. Sammy. Hey. Sam. You okay? We're almost there."

Beautiful by audrarose (NC-17)
This is actually the start of a series/trilogy. Beautiful leads to Broken which leads to Bound. This is really really hot. BOYS IN EYELINER! It hit like 18 of my kinks. and it's just GUH. Go read it. NOW. You can find the following two stories from links at the bottom of the page.
"The whole place is just smoke and strobe lights and noise that's about to punch a hole through Sam's head, and now Dean is leaning closer to the guy who still isn't listening, though he's looking at Dean's mouth. Sam's not looking at Dean's mouth; he's been not looking at Dean's mouth since Dean stepped out of the bathroom in leather and denim and fucking L'oreal."

Be Blessed and Be Cursed for Sure by stone_princess (Adult)
I love this, it's so hot and sexy and wonderful. This is like a hazy sexy magic dream that feels so hot and sensual and just makes all my senses tingle.
"Driving was dream-time. It didn't matter to Sam whether he was actively driving or just a passenger. It was time passing where nothing existed but the inside of your head. Like that brief moment between sleeping and waking drawn out over endless roads. Not anywhere but the here and that was nowhere."

House/Wilson fic:
Stay With Me by violet_quill & plausive (NC-17)
This is great, great characterization. Check it out if you like H/W. :)
Summary: House has always depended on Wilson's friendship, but now he finds himself depending on him for his very life - and Wilson realizes that both mean more to him than he ever realized.

That's it for today. :)
Tags: daily fic recs, house, supernatural, tv

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