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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

I'm so weird

I just spent the last hour and a half making a manip of Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles as a girl.

Yes, Girl!Dean.

I think I need proffessional help... lol

That's basically it. :P


Hee! Thanks! As far as genswapping fic... I dunno. LOL Thanks though!
Wow, Thanks so much. :) I was never really into X-files, but DD in drag, that's gotta be hot or funny as hell. LOL
holy hells that's BRILLIANT! utterly awesome. *stares* wow!
Wow! Thanks so much! :D
Hi! *waves* I'm new to your LJ, pleased to meet you.

That's a really good manip! I'm rather surprised and slightly traumatized by how *real* it is and I probably shouldn't be, considering how effeminately pretty Jensen was when younger and the amount of makeup he'd worn in those photoshoots.

*stares* So good, yet so wrong.
Hi! *waves*

Thanks so much! Yeah, I did a lot of subtle morphing of the picture, so it is slightly creepily-realistic.

LOL Anyway, thanks so much! :)
uhm. that's awesome? kinda weird... but well-done! :)
LOL Thanks I think. :D
it's... different. it's very well-done, but not what you're used to seeing, know what i'm trying to say?
Yeah, I know what you mean, it's like because you know he's a boy you can't help but see him as a boy. So seeing him as a girl is really very freaky. :)
Wow!! lol is kinda weird to see Jensen as a girl but you made really good job ^_^
LOL Thanks! :D
You called for professional help?
My faux professional opinion is that you need to make more manips like this.

It really shows how freakishly beautiful and androgynous he is!
No one would doubt that that was a girl, but when you know it, it's kind of disturbing in a good way, if you know what I mean *g*
lol Hee! Thanks so much, yeah the androgyny thing is kind of hot/weird. He's just so pretty that when you do realize he's a guy it *is* freaky. :P
That's beautifully done!
Thanks so much! :)
heehee, that is just awesome. I was thinking of who girl!Dean would look like, and the closest I could figure was Juliette Lewis, but now I can see that girl!Dean is way hotter than her. Impressive.
Hee! Yeah, I dunno, I think boy!Jenny is even prettier than her, lol. Anyway, thanks so much! :)
Lol, you're totally in the clear - Jensen already looks like a pretty lady in that pic to begin with, you just gave him a helping hand. She's hot ^__~!
Hee! Thanks so much! :D
Wow. That's really realistic. Plus, girl!hot is (still) hot.
Hee! Thanks! Jenny is just always hot. :)
That's really good! It really highlights how feminine Jensen's features are. :P
Heh, yup, he's just so pretty. :D

Thanks! :)
He's even more girly looking than I thought. *amused* Excellent manip.
Thanks! :D