Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again

My eyes are fucking with me

I have to do stuff today. I HAVE TO! GAH!

I've finally finished downloading S5 of SV and am in the process of watching it.

A few things: LOL Dukes of Hazzard boys, Lois as a stripper = hottness, James Marsters without an accent = freakiest thing ever. I keep expecting him to roll his R's and elongate his vowels. It's weirdly disturbing.

Clark's giant crystal fortress of doom is so beyond gay. I laughed for like 2 minutes straight when that think popped up. Then with him gripping the phallic crystals... I was flashing on the Ambiguously Gay Duo for a minute.

Hee! I really like this show, but sometimes it's just a little implausible. John and Martha kind of stepped out of like Full House, sometimes they're just so cheesy.

LOL anyway, here are some fic recs, I'm feeling too lazy for reviews:

SPN Gen:
Stigmata by laytoncolt (PG-13)
Summary: Dean never used to believe in faith healers, and the irony of this newfound ability is not lost on him, but he just tells Sam he's not getting himself a fucking tent or a ticket booth, so he'd better damn well not ask.

Cars by marinarusalka (PG)
Summary: What is it with guys and cars, anyway?

Daytime TV by poisontaster & mona1347 (G)
No Summary.

Chartreuse by traveller (PG-13)
No summary.

And now I'm off to either watch more SV or crack open Flight of the Phoenix, which I rented. :)
Tags: daily fic recs, smavillville, supernatural, tv

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