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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

Misc & Daily fic recs

Bleh. Today is all ucky. I'm really tired and my skin is dry, I want to watch more Smallville but I can't. And there's nothing on TV. ;(

I still have a ton of stuff to do. Stupid to-do list.

Is anyone else irritated that they're coming out with a superman movie and Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum aren't Superman and Lex Luthor?


Okay, enough of the whining, time for recs. :)

Katakiuchi (If Not Victory) by poisontaster & mona1347 (Adult)
This is brilliant. It's angsty and sharp and it gets you right there. There is implied non-con and violence. It's really scary-beautiful.
"He doesn't mean to, but he shivers and his fingers jerk away like the little line of scar tissue is hot wire. "It's nothing," he says…but he knows he gave himself away; Sammy's like a fucking bloodhound with shit like that."

Time by witchofthedogs (Not Rated)
This is great. So poetic and beautiful and going through an entire day... it's just fantastic.
"But Sam was like the sunshine and Dean was like the darkness and he only ever got up this early to make Sam happy. Usually, Dean was awake first, listening for life from the form in the bed next to him and listening for the shadows.

If he could learn to love the mornings, he might be able to let Sam go. He might be able to wake up alone."

Gen fic:
Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk) by clex_monkie89 (PG)
This is great, it's all the Winchesters, but mainly John. :)
"Sammy is four and he is already an evil genius. In his great knowledge of the world and everything in it, he has figured out that if Dean isn't riding in the front seat then he can ride in it. He has also figured out that he can get Dean to do absolutely anything he wants."

Tiny A's All in a Row by jwynn (Not rated)
I love this. It's sad and beautiful and hopeful and just completely wonderful. It's Sam and Dean, sort of from Dean's P.O.V. Go read it, it's wonderful.
"When it comes for Dean, he’s not ready. He told Sam that he was, before, but he lied.

Dean knows now that he lied."

What's that in Metric? by dopplegl (Adult/Not rated)
This is really hot. It's WB RPS (TW, JA, JP, & MR) and it involves the smutbox. :D Hee!
"Mike laughs, and it's a real laugh, not his Crazy Lex Laugh, but a good belly chuckle. "You mean I never told you guys about that?" He's grinning fit to split his face, but Tom has no idea what he's talking about. Mike giggles and picks up the open metal box from where Jensen left it near the pool table, and brings it over to where the two of them are standing. "This," he says, pawing through its contents, "is the most insane thing anyone has ever given me.""

That's it for today. :)


Um. *digs toe* It's not that I don't ADORE the rec, because I DO, but Katakiuchi was a collaborative effort between me and mona1347. Would you mind fixing it? Please?
Whoops! My bad, fixing it now. ;)
*HUGS* Thank you, hon! I really appreciate it!
Hee! Sure. :)

Why is it that all I ever got with you is, "EMELLAAAAA!!! *TACKLEHUG*"?

MOOOOOONNAAAA! *snuggles* :P
I read somewhere that the only reason they haven't chosen Tom and Michael for the roles is that they wanted to make a separation between Clark in Smallville and Clark in Metropolis. Having Tom as Clark in the new movie would have been too... how did they write this again... too confusing for the people watching the show and the movie or something like that. Weird.

Hmm, fic recs :)
*nod* I know what you mean. :)

I had this whole idea, before I found out about the superman movie, that the show would end in a movie, like show how Clark went from being Clark to being a tights-wearing superhero, but then they decided to come out with the new superman movie so it all kind of blew up. Bleh. I just like the idea of Tom being the only new superman. Why throw another actor into the mix? :\

Meh. Thanks for the info. :D
I would have loved for Tom to do that too. Have Smallville end up in a movie or something. The actor looks like Christopher Reeve a little bit but... I don't know why they opted for that. I mean, I for one can make the difference between Clark in Smallville and Clark in Metropolis.

Oh well, guess we have to go with what they've done. Glad I could help you :)
Yeah, I noticed how similar the dude looked to christopher reeve when I saw the trailer for the first time.

I can make the difference, but I just like the idea of there only being one superman in town. Even if he isn't superman yet.


P.S. Sorry this is so late.
I like the idea of only one Superman in town too even if one isn't Superman quite yet *g*

I saw in another trailer that Lois Lane is supposed to have a kid? Now I don't even remember that she ever got a kid before actually really getting back to loving Clark and Superman but it's been such a long time since I've seen the movies and the series Lois And Clark The New Adventures of Superman... I don't think they ever gave her a kid :/

That's okay with the lateness, don't worry ;)
A kid? That's weird.

I *LOVED* Lois & Clark: The new adventures of Superman. That show was AWESOME. I watched it every Sunday night for like two or three years. :D

I assume she's got a kid by the way the trailer was done. They show Clark with a framed picture of Lois and a young boy in his hand and someone behind Clark says he's her kid?! I have only seen that trailer once though but it's still weird.

I adored L&C:The New Adventures... Dean Cain was fun and so was Teri Hatcher in the roles. And I still remember Jimmy and the guy playing Lex Luthor is (was) in Mutant X. It was kinda weird to see Lex with hair even though, I think, Gene Hackman had hair for his Lex in the original movies? Been so long. Most likely it wasn't real hair in both cases but you never know *g*

I still remember part of an episode of L&C. I think they just got married and Lois came back in the bedroom as a robot or something. Or I'm just mixing things up with Austin Powers. Or it's been in both ;P
I remember the guy who played Perry - Can't think of his name just now - he will always be Perry to me, no matter what. He was the best. I remember Jimmy too, and Clark's dad (can't remember his mom)

Yes, Gene Hackman, and the L&C Lex, had hair, which is why I was thrown by the bald Lex in Smallville.

I remember so many random scenes from L&C. I remember after they got married they were on their honeymoon on some deserted island and they were fighting... I remember Clark always going on superspeed in his apartment. Just weird stuff that comes to me out of no where when I'm watching Smallville.

Don't remember a robot, but you never know. :)