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I'm Baaaaaaack!

Ok, So looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnng two days.

First we checked out the campus, walked up and around the student Union. Kinda boring.

Then to lunch and the mall. The hotel was also nice, we went and checked in and apparently they're hiring, so I filled out an application to work at the front desk. The hotel is across the street from campus.

So we went to dinner at Olive Garden (Yum!) and then went back to the hotel.

Day 2 we got up had yummy breakfast at the hotel and then checked out. We headed out to campus to talk to the admissions office people. The girl there said that we had to go to another building, and she gave us a course catalog.

In the other building we found out that we'll have to go back up there on Thursday because some stupid woman screwed up. She said we would get to talk to an advisor after the placement tests, yeah, that was a bunch of crap. We had to schedule an appointment for after the test, and they had to be able to grade/place me.

After we found out that sucky news we headed over to the Community Center and filled out a housing form. I found out that even if I hate my dorm the first quarter, it's ok because the housing contract will end at the end of spring. I decided to go for Hamilton Hall. You don't get your own bathroom, but its right in the heart of campus. The Woods, the other dorm, is like a mile from everything.

So then we left and went shopping and I got a robe and some bra's. yay. Lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen was good and then I got to sit in the car and look over the course book while mom shopped.

At 2 we went back up to the school and wandered around the Library briefly. I took the really short math test and then the really short reading test. The teacher there proposed I take Basic Algebra. Yay again. I took two years of Algebra 1 in highschool, Geometry two years, and Integrated Algebra II and Geometry(IGAII). So when I took the computerized test I selected 'Algebra II & Geometry' Well there were maybe 10 questions and exactly 2 were Algebra I, I only answered like 2 or 3 right. That's why I have a sucky math score. Plus I suck at math.

The reading test was pretty easy, it was computerized too, so the days of the crappy bubble-in, look at lines 14-17, are over. I did pretty well on the reading test. The test was to tell if you needed any help with reading, so if you needed help they suggested a class, but if you did well they didn't suggest one. I didn't have one suggested.

Now the fun part.

So the campus has a tunnel system that connects all the buildings, well after Math & Reading(they were in the same room) I had time to wander around. Well when I got back to the room, the group had just left for the other building to go do the English test. So the Math/Reading teacher told me to take a couple turns, and if I hurried I would catch up to them.

So I hurried and couldn't find them, went past the place I was supposed to go, and got lost. Then I ended up in the right building about 2 floors up in the wrong direction. So I looked in rooms and couldn't find the right one. So I went back to the Math & Reading room and told the teacher I got lost and he said he'd walk me, I told him I found the building, but just needed the room number. So he gave it to me and then another teacher piped up and said he was heading that way, so he showed me where it was.

So I get to the HUGE(Biggest) assembly hall (Actually it was smaller than the one from my HS) and see the 30 or so people listening to a speaker talk about english classes. So I stand there like a dumnnut and then the teacher finally says 'Are you supposed to be in writing' and I'm like 'Yeah.' So then she tells me to have a seat. I felt like a complete retard. I thought maybe she had handed out something, but she didn't so I looked like an ass. *shrug* Oh well.

So she was explaining the English basics classes, the ones for if you don't have a good base in the language or you need to brush up. Then another lady talked about English 101 and we got handed out some test/suggestion sheets. They basically asked us yes or no questions about whether we liked writing or not. The questions helped place us in an English class. Not surprisingly I got English 101. So then it was over and we drove away happy.

The drive home was cold and I was so tired. I woke up at 8 AM (Gah!) and then walked all around that freaking tunnel system so I was deeeeaaaaad tired.

Now it is dinner time and I must eat, drink, and be merry.

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