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Daily Fic Recs

Here you go, here are today's recs. :)

Sam & Dean:
Halo (In Reverse) by poisontaster (Adult)
This is dark and angsty and kind of hot. It's prostitution fic and it's a series of little excerpts from throughout Dean's life. It's really really great, you should check it out. :)
"Dad’s been gone for days, and there’s no food left, except for some highly suspicious take out and a couple sips of milk that aren’t going to do anyone much good. Melba says that there’s no money for more, so they’ll just have to deal. Sammy gets hungry, and Sammy starts to cry and Dean knows he’s got to do something. He’s the man of the house, when Dad’s gone."

With the Furies Breathing Down Your Neck by mcee (Not Rated)
This is SPN AU. This is so haunting and sad and scary and it feels like the world has just been swallowed up. Read this NOW.
"They haven't been outside in two days, haven't looked away from the television set in over twelve hours. Every channel has pre-empted their programming to show non-stop looping news footage that's no longer news to anyone. Bombs, half a dozen of them, so destructive the best visuals were from satellite; news anchors trying for grave but only managing despaired. No footage of survivors or witnesses because there aren't any."

Fan Boy by kashmir1 (PG-13)
I thought this was so super cute and funny. Great use of fandoms. :D
Summary: Dean has a dirty little secret that is five-foot-one and blonde. And she's on UPN every Tuesday night at nine.

The Things You Don't Expect by alethialia (PG)
I really like this, the family dynamic is great. A cute brotherly-growing up fic. :D
“What do people mean by ‘the birds and the bees?’” Sam asked, totally out of the blue. Dean’s fork stopped on its way to his mouth; Dad wasn’t so lucky, coughing a little."

Equation by imogenics (Not Rated)
This fic is smutty and sexy and great and just guh.
"In the afternoon, braced against Jensen's kitchen counter, Jared tastes like sixty-nine percent brown sugar and thirty-one percent salt. Jared tastes like the first best thing that Jensen ever learned and forgot."

One of Us Who Wants to Leave by [Unknown LJ tag]/poisontaster (R)
This is a really cool fic-thing, poisontaster took and wrote a series of ficlets that can be read in any order and still make sense. It's Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles/Chris Kane. Just scroll down and read the user info of jaredjenchris for the info on how to read. :)
"Jared is not the first mistake Jensen's ever made. He guesses it's a lesson everyone learns the hard way, part of the evolution of a Hollywood star. Or whatever the hell it is that Jensen is. He's never quite sure."

Three ficlets by lyra_wing (Not rated)
Here are three ficlets from lyra_wing. One is Jared/Jensen RPS, one is John gen, and one is Sam & Dean gen. These are really good. :)

Thanks! :D
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