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Smallville & Rec

So I'm really liking the Clark/Lois interactions. I can totally see them getting together down the line. It was great, because I was watching episode 3x16 "Lucy" and Clark has this look at the end of the episode, he just looks at Lois like he loves her and I know that's WAAAAAAYYYY to early and it sounds stupidly corny, but the way he looks at her - you can just tell there is something there.

I hate the fact that the princess AKA Lana is all witchy. She's just so... ugh. The Mary Sueishness is gross gross gross. I love Jenny, but Jason and Lana's relationship is so ucky.

I'm not sure where this whole stones thing is going, but the witchy stuff is just stupid.

I'm glad Chloe finally found out about Clark, I hope she lets him know she knows soon, and I hope there's no angst over it. I'm gonna be mad if Clark gets mad that Chloe knew and didn't tell him. Blah.

Anyway. I've also got a rec, just one today. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Amalgam by paperbkryter (NC-17)
This fic is really great. It's Clark's p.o.v. and it's Chloe/Clark/Lex. It deals with suicide, but it doesn't end the way you think. It's really really good and the tone is so sort-of lonely and sad but it still makes sense. Definitely check it out.
I got tired of not belonging, always watching the world from the outside-in, and knowing that no matter what, I wouldn't be able to get in. I was tired of loving, and being loved, and having that used against me. My presence in the world changed what should have been, and I was sure that what should have been would ultimately be better than what was.

Thanks! :)
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