Someday you'll need to stand tall again (emella) wrote,
Someday you'll need to stand tall again


Okay, so I'm in the middle of watching Smallville S4. It's okay so far. I like Lois, LOVE Jenny, and love Clark as always.

My eyes are hurting me today and I'm tired and in kind of a pissy mood.

I lied to my mom about something stupid and dumb and she found out I lied and now I feel guilty and stupid. Blah

I have a lot I need to get done and I feel like crap cause I don't wanna do it.

To-do List
-Reply to LJ comments
-Find new layout coding
-Create new layout
-Create layout background
-Put up new layout
-Write more Angstathon fic
-Send out Angstathon fic reminders
-Make icons of SPN, BBM, and SV
-Weed through flist
-Update cherry_sin
-Watch QAF DVDs
-Send QAF DVD email
-Work on school stuff - paperwork & lists of stuff
-Go get glasses
-Check out Movie schedules/rent X-Men movies
-Clean room
-Paint toe nails

So yeah, as you can see I have a LOT to do. In other news I've had these weird porny scenes/fic snippets in my head for the last couple of days.

Okay so the first one is sappy and kind of stupid, but I dunno, I like it. It's of Clark and Sam laying on a hill beneath the stars. Yeah - Sappy.

What happened is the Winchesters moved to Smallville for a semester or two, and Clark and Sam sort of hook up. (They go to HS together) So they're laying underneath the stars and talking and then they start kissing.

I can *SEE* their mouths meet. Like it's just THERE in the back of my head. Sam puts his hand on Clark's chin and Clark has his hand on Sam's waist and they're kissing SO hotly beneath the stars.

So that's the first kiss/first scene. The second one is a bit more porny.

The second one is after the first, at some point later in time the boys have made a mutual secret thing out of the kissing and they're up in Clark's loft and Clark is sitting on a chair(like a kitchen chair) and Sam is on his lap.


Sam is facing him, almost like he's sitting backwards on the chair but he's really just sitting that way on top of Clark. And they're basically making out. They're kissing and Clark has a hand on Sam's waist, right where his blue jeans end and the boys are half-way grinding angaist each other in their blue jeans. Then they break the kiss and Clark helps Sam pull off his shirt and then they start kissing again and Clark has his big ol' paw on Sam's waist, just kind of grabbing his hip. And they're grinding and making out and Clark has Sam by the waist and Sam has his hands in Clark's hair and they're sort of panting while they grind and it's SO hot.

That's about it.

I think I may want to write that fic...


I guess that's it for now. I'll probably post some recs in a bit. :)
Tags: fic, general, smallville, supernatural, to-do list, tv

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